Letters to the Next President

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We are beginning a new series on June 29th at North Point and it promises to be one that generates a lot of questions. We wanted to get people involved no matter what political view point they had so, we created a website where people can write a letter to the next president no matter WHO it will be. You are not writing to a candidate but to the next president.

Don’t forget to check out the promo. It’s always fun to have Andy involved and we had a great time recreating the White House press room – IN ONE DAY!!!. North American Mission Board is right next door to North Point so we were able to get the flags. We rented the blue drape. Then Matt from the media team sketched out a fun version of the white house but with a little spin. Make sure you see it! Podium is courtesy of Alpharetta Baptist Church.

This series promises to be a good one and we are really excited about it. Stay tuned…


Back in the Saddle (Day 2)

7:30 – Arrived at work. Cleaned office. Tried not to cough on anything or anyone. Caught up with Dave B. Watched video that is to run this Sunday. Very well done and good emotion.

8:30 – 10:00am Dept Directors Meeting. Went over “Juicing the Orange” (must read), talked about staffing, admin stuff, updates on spanish service, etc..

10:00-12:00 caught up with Media guys. Tripp was back from being sick for a week. We tried not to cough on each other. Mike came back from vacation (D.C. with his wife). Really glad Mike is back. Really glad Adam is Back (sore throat). Really glad Tripp is back. Really, really glad Dave, Matt and Ryan have held down the fort. Answered emails.

12:00-2:00pm – Drive Music Meeting. Drive is our conference coming up in May (you must come, it’s gonna be great). Talked about session 1. walked through with worship leaders a storyboard of the opening song and the visuals to go with it (I am pretty excited, but it could still be changed). Not going to give away anything but I am excited about what is in my head. Now our team has to figure out the rest of the conference.

2:00-4:00 – Help Matt re-key the new 10B4 for the week. Footage is not cooperating.  One more piece to go for tomorrow. (try to answer emails during renders)

4:00pm – Jiyoung drops kids at work with me to go visit with Jenn and Michael Colwell at hospital. Michael is having brain surgery TODAY to remove 1 of 4 tumors. Michael works in groups at North Point and is responsible for so many of the group curriculum content on North Point’s web and DVD’s. He does much more than that though. More than I think most of us know. Two years ago, Michael was diagnosed with melanoma and had beaten it. Recently, it came back throughout his body. Jenn and Michael are taking one day at a time and all of the staff of North Point, Browns Bridge, and Buckhead are praying for this incredible man, Jenn, and his two young boys. I love that my wife is there right now. 

4:30 – Took the kids to McDonalds.  

5:30 – broke up 3 little arguments about not sure what.

6:00 – Gave kids showers. Jake on computer playing a game. Jillian watching a show.

7:00 – read to kids. Layed down with Jillian. Layed down with Jake. Told Jake that he can’t be afraid of anything tonight because everything that he is afraid of is afraid of me. He said why? I said because I am bigger than they are! He laughed. 

Tomorrow morning, Jake will probably be found in Jillian’s room – on the floor – with his pillows and blanket. I love him! 

Praying for Michael. 



Ok People – I am sooooo stoked.
If you have never heard Andy Stanley talk and only have about 10-20 minutes – now’s your chance.
North Point Ministries now has a channel on youTube.

The reason why North Point is putting specific content on YouTube is for everybody and anybody to have access to some powerful truths on specific topics that EVERYONE will identify with. Most of the content is 10-20 minutes long. If you are a Christian and you have a friend that is struggling with marriage, finances, doubt and disbelief, going down the wrong path or life is just doing a once over – please, please, please look through these messages and find one that you think will help that individual. If you are someone who just enjoys listening and watching YouTube content, then please check out North Point’s page. Life is full of too many lies that are soooo easily concealed.

This content is not meant to “show off” North Point or to get people in our doors. It is meant as a tool and a resource for people to link too or link others too that might spark some great conversations about the topic or issues that are being shared. This library will only grow and it is intentional. (“It’s Personal” content is the full messages for the time being). Please listen for yourselves and then pass them along.
Link to a message – put it on your blog – subscribe to the channel – use it however you want.

Picture 1-2
Picture 5
On the media/techy side of things..
My guys worked really hard on getting the content up and designing the look of the page. (yes it’s YouTube’s template limitations so we were limited.)

The shorter clips of Andy are actually the same clips from our “Group Curriculum” DVD’s. Each of our DVD’s have the full messages on them as well as shorter clips (we cut in and out of original message) for group discussion. Then questions come up on your TV and wallah… “discuss”!!
I really want to know what you think.

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New Admin Position for Media

Call me excited!!!
For this next year’s budget I have been approved to hire a part-time media team admin. I can not tell you how excited I am about this position. Last year I would come home with so many non-media things I have to do and Jiyoung would tell me “you need an assistant”. Yes. Yes I do.

Brenda Albright (head of HR) at North Point has been AMAZING to work with. Hiring somebody is not easy but when you have people like Brenda to take on the weeding out process to get you to some final candidates, it’s a huge deal. HUGE. HUGE!!!

That said – next week I hope to interview what i pray will be the person to join an amazing and talented group of guys. I am so lucky.

Ten Things I learned from Matchbox 20, Alanis, and Mutemath

10. Good singers are good singers. Rob Tomas and Alanis are freaking good singers.

9. Anything can happen live anywhere!! (Video screens not working, people rushing the stage). Things Happen!

8. Even at the best concerts, people start milling or walking out when there is a lull. Think of the people that start to walk out of your church as the closing song begins. (For North Point and campuses – people like to get to their cars early) It happened to all three of the bands.

7. If you use video screens for your backdrop of your service….

– USE SOLID COLORS and change them up. Very powerful with lights.

6. If you use video screens for your backdrop of your service….

– Incorporate Black. so the screens don’t get diluted with something ALWAYS showing. Black (nothing on the screens) is a very POWERFUL tool so you can make a punch when you want EVERYTHING in – (say on a Chorus).

5. People do not like to stand behind me in a concert.

4. Bison Burger is GOOD.

3. Image Mag is a GOOD THING.

2. White spandex does not work on ANYBODY! Even from 100 yards out!

1. No matter how great your musicians are – if they are going through the funnel of a BAD AUDIO MIX then they sound mediocre, bland and boring. Mutemath and Alanis’s band were short changed because of HORRIBLE mixes. Brutal. It’s good Alanis had some hits that we could hold onto. She was amazing. Matchbox 20 sounded incredible!

Three campus SPD Directors (Service Programming Department)
Carlos SPD Buckhead – Julie (my boss) SPD North Point – Tyler SPD Browns Bridge.

Buckhead crew chillin’

Stage with screens that never opened up and revealed the screen behind it.

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