This is sick..


Concept – Story – Execution.
All three are incredible.


5 thoughts on “This is sick..

  1. My wife and I saw this air on TV for the first time last night and I think it SERIOUSLY increased my chances of convincing her that we need a PS3.

    Honestly, I cannot think of a commercial I’ve ever seen that has had this kind of take-your-breath away, smack-you-in-the-head, rip-your-face-off raw energy that this has. This is like the perfect promotional experience–their choice of music, their message, their content, their effects concept–it all blends together to convey this crazy raging desire for a product. Truly mind blowing.

  2. Hey Josh –
    I wish I created this, or just made one of the buildings. The most impressive thing about this piece is the idea of each piece running into each other. The execution is incredible but without a great idea that you can storyboard and communicate, then all is lost. I struggle with that often. We often have ideas in our heads that get lost in execution. For me it’s because of two reasons:
    – Discipline to tell a story (story board, planning)
    – the knowledge to execute what we dream.

    It’s never easy and we are our toughest critics.

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