Kelly Lintz and the 10B4

For those that don’t know, Buckhead Church, North Point Community Church and Browns Bridge Community Church do something called the Ten Before. We basically take the announcements and upcoming stuff for the churches and creatively package it into a little segment that runs right before the service starts. It is hosted by Kelly Lintz who not only does a great job each an every week but is an actress that attends North Point. Well, she landed a part in a Stephen King movie and I wanted to share the trailer with you all and a couple of pictures of what she does for the Ten Before.

Picture 1-2Picture 2-1

Picture 4-1Kelly The Mist Trailer-1


3 thoughts on “Kelly Lintz and the 10B4

  1. Hey I saw the 10 before at the wfx and I cant seem to get my team members who were absent to understand how much I enjoyed it!!! Is there anyway I could get one via email to share? Wonderful, funny, professional and most of all informative. Great Job!!!


  2. By far the most amazing idea to hit church announcements…well…ever. I appreicate the clips on your site. I’ve been wanting to communicate the idea to people…and now I can. Thanks!

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