“It’s Personal” Part 3 this Sunday

I hope to post Part 2 of “It’s Personal” soon. The title package is an incredible story of Chris Ames and his journey towards believing that God exists.

I do, however, want to say COME THIS SUNDAY to North Point and hear Meghan’s story. It’s a powerful phrase… “My story of life, starts with death.” Meghan narrates the video of images about her journey through her mother’s death at 13. The pictures are incredible and at the end… Meghan herself will sing an incredible song by Sarah Groves. This series has been amazing and it’s still got two parts left.

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3 thoughts on ““It’s Personal” Part 3 this Sunday

  1. Dude, that was intense! It makes me want to scrap our schedule and do “It’s Personal” next.

    I immediately thought of people in our church who are on that same journey, and it would be so good for them to hear his story.

    Amazing Content + Amazing Production = God Wins.

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