WFX Conference

Yesterday I went to the WFX conference (Worship and Facilities Expo) here in Atlanta where Andy (Stanley) from North Point and Craig Groeschel from were the keynote speakers. Craig went first and was absolutely phenomenal. He said “when we hit a wall – it often times causes a revelation that we wouldn’t see otherwise.” The other thing that impacted me was this equation… limited resources + increasing passion = exponential innovation. Think about that.
After Craig, Andy challenged those attending that in order to move forward we have to take risks and a lot of times that means spending money. A round of applause erupted in the place. I wonder why that was. Thoughts? I love my job.


2 thoughts on “WFX Conference

  1. Brad,

    They applauded b/c the audience is largely made of up creative types who feel constantly shut down by their lead pastors and the “they” of their churches who don’t see the value of investing in technology and art. They were probably very encouraged (and jealous of you) to hear a senior pastor acknowledging the value of art and technology in worship.

    You know it’s dangerous for you to wear a name tag at conferences like that, right?

  2. which then brings us to – llimited resources + increasing passion = exponential innovation.
    I will say I admire the small church, big idea thinkers (even the big church, big idea thinkers for that matter).
    I bet half those that applauded would just be happy with permission to ask “what if”.

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