“It’s Personal” Part 2 Title Package

Here is the 1st story of three that showed last week at North Point and will show this week at Browns Bridge and Buckhead. There were more details in this than you might think and the whole team did incredible. Chris was great and it was a powerful story. Andy killed it. If you want to see the message then go to northpoint.org.


I also wanted to pass on what Chris shared with me on this past Monday after his story played at North Point…

Chris wrote:
“On Monday morning I arrived at work and this guy I didn’t know walks up to my cube and says, “My wife and I went to North Point on Sunday. She was raised Southern Baptist, I was not. She is a Christian, I am not. Your story is our story, but we are still in the middle of it.”

I cannot begin to describe the conversation we had over lunch. Our Father was all over it. We were talking about believing in Jesus and the guy kept saying, “I want to ‘get there’, but I just don’t know how.” I told him I don’t know how /he/ is going to get there, either! Not having all the answers is kinda freeing, actually. We discussed grievances we both have with how this whole deal works. The conversation kept coming back around to taking a step in God’s direction even with a clenched fist full of doubt.”

Please pray for Chris and the opportunities that lie in front of him, especially his co-workers.


4 thoughts on ““It’s Personal” Part 2 Title Package

  1. Incredibly touching and brilliant piece. You guys have come up with such a unique and powerful way of telling a story–I definitely found myself following Chris much more closely than I would have had this piece been a simple talking head testimony (which is what most of us probably would have defaulted to having been assigned this concept). I was so engaged in hearing the voice-over, and the visuals appeared to supplement my listening, as opposed to confusing me. It is incredible to watch as the video compositing tag-teams with Chris in conveying his spiritual journey, as opposed to simply editing him down. Amazing collaborative effort all around, from the concept, to the story, to the photography, to the voice work, all the way down to the compositing. Incredible.

    By the way, the scribbled equations you guys used were executed brilliantly and I’d love to hear the story behind that. It’s so clear that this project is the result of a great deal of planning. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to see this play on the screens tomorrow at Buckhead!!

  2. I am loving this series – thanks for sharing a bit of your process with us. It’s great to be able to learn from a place that knows a heck of a lot more than we do…great job –

  3. Trust me Abby, I am learning from you guys more than you know. Really.

    Joe – thanks for the kind words. The equations were both from stock footage and from the actual hand of Chris. I contracted a friend of mine to help with this Part 1 (Blisterstudios.com) and he did a great job of animating in the equations and overall the whole title package. There are some things you contract out and let go of but then there are other times when you want to direct your artists and make sure they have a good idea of what you have in your head. This was more of the latter and Brad (from Blister) did great.

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