Welcome Ragamuffin bloggers!!!


Love to know where you’re from and how you know Carlos?

I am from San Jose, California – been in Atlanta almost 10 years. I know Carlos because I get to see his mug on Mondays and Tuesdays every week at work. Good times.


4 thoughts on “Welcome Ragamuffin bloggers!!!

  1. Hey man – I’m Chris. From Canada. My blog is Chris From Canada. Genius, I know.

    Actually I just re-posted the video Carlos blogged cause I love the idea. If you hate that I’m pulling the video from your server let me know how I can get it so I can host myself.

  2. Hey man – I’m better than blank. My blog is better than blank. Genius, I know.

    Just kidding, I know Chris from Canada, eh? and just thought is was funny to find him here, a place I have never been. Got your hit from Los, and happy to meet ya. Have fun in the right coast! (I’m in SoCal).

  3. Went to Branham High Class of ’88 (Dang I am old). Lived in Cambrian Area. Worked every job known to man in and around that place. Name one and I probably worked there.

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