I would LOVE to know everybody’s thoughts on this. It can be a tension in the workplace.
How do you manage it? Is it an issue? What are the plus’s? The Minus’s?

read this article and let me know your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Daylighting

  1. I struggle with this in two different ways. I love to glorify God in creative projects, but this isn’t really related to my job in any way. I often find myself thinking about or working on things I am doing outside of work while on the clock. Secondly, many of my staff have ‘side jobs’ or projects which they also struggle with not bringing to work. As their supervisor I should disapprove, but because I am having some of the same problems, I tend to let it slide too much. I think that this becomes a serious issue when people are being called by God to do something different, but haven’t transitioned yet, myself included…

  2. I believe that creating revolutionary ideas, products, environments etc. is not achieved by following the rules. I believe that it takes organizations harnessing the power of its passionate employees to inspire a movement. You work best when you believe in something and you will achieve a much better product when you empower passionate people. Just like the quote from Henry David Thoreau “Beware of all enterprises that require a new set of clothes.” I believe enterprises should beware of all employees that require a new set of clothes. Or in other words employees that are working for a paycheck and not their true passions. The concept of a factory does not work today, the idea of managing people to do exactly what you say to create the cookie cutter product. It might for a while but it won’t have any longevity unless it empowers people to do what they love. I have had several jobs at factories where all it was was follow the rules, create the specified product, get your check, go home. It was miserable, I could careless about the product the idea the company or its future. But if they were able to ask me, how could we incorporate the things you are passionate about in what we are doing. they would have had a much better employee.

  3. Interesting article. I have mixed feelings about Daylighting. I work as a Media Pastor at a church, but I also have a freelance side business for supplementary income.

    First, I have been totally open from the start with my employer as to my goals. They are supportive, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my responsibilities. I’m not the only one on staff who does side work either. They are flexible if I need to meet someone for a short meeting regarding my freelance stuff, as long as I make that time up and everything is still ready for Sunday.

    Also, I like the Google 70/20/10 idea, but at the same time I have trouble thinking that 30 PERCENT of my week would be going to something else – that’s 12 hours of a 40 hour week!

    Sorry for the long comment, but the article really makes you think. Thanks for sharing!

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