Ok – so if your looking for info from here on out for anything North Point media related – I am excited to share that we have a new blog!!!
Inside North Point is a new resource for those that want insight and frequently asked questions to what we do at North Point in our environments. The media page will be an active blog being updated by different members of the media team. Graphic design, motion graphics, TenBefore, North Point TV, every person on the team will be contributing and discussing what we do. There are bio’s of the team and additional resources coming soon! Please add this new site to your reader and join in the conversation.

Please note from here on out – this Motionhouse blog will not have many more updates about what is going on with North Point Media. Maybe some random things about Jake and Jillian though. Thanks for hanging with me!

3D Designs

3D design like any design is a style that is either embraced or it is shied away from. I think the latter for most is because many don’t have the capability to do it or know which tool set to use. I really believe that I would be ok if there was a 3D element in all the designs we create for North Point. Why? Because it’s dynamic. There is something No not every design NEEDS it but it seems like for years everybody has been using textures, blending modes, layers upon layers of blending modes, flat text, CLEAN layouts, etc. Why not 3D? I realize this is a very simplistic statement and a good design, even if it had 3D elements in it still needs to be well thought out, well layed out, and a talented artist thinking through the details.

So why can’t that be you.