Starting this thing up again

So I figured I need to kick start my blog again but instead of focusing on media, I would just simply focus on life. Just thought you should know.

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Closed for Vacation.


Thanks to all who responded about my book requests.
I am taking three books with me to Hawaii.

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I am going to start with Strong Fathers, strong Daughters, and then the White Book (Beatles biography) then Kite Runner.
I am leaving laptop at home, twittering would be cruel for those following, and texting is out of the question.
See ya the 11th.

In the words of Danny Dukes (worship leader), I am gonna go love on my Bride!


And so it begins….

So Jake signed up for football last Saturday and will start practices in August.
He has played soccer, basketball, and baseball. In each sport he just wants to tackle people.
Outside of me being concerned that Jake can’t get off the ground with all his pads on, I think he’ll have a good time.

For those that don’t know me well, I have deep roots in this sport and I hope my son enjoys it. Bring out the tums! Lord help me.

Img 0840 Img 0848
Img 0846 Img 0847
Img 0841

Twitter is Killing me!!!

So I twitter via iChat mostly, sometimes through my iPhone but about two weeks ago, everytime I do a Twitter update via my iChat I get the following message:

“TwitterIM is under maintenance at the moment. Please check back later.”

After about the 50th time over the coarse of a couple of weeks, I figured something was a miss. (Don’t ask!)
Has anybody had this happened before? I have reset Twitter settings. Took out Twitter as a buddy and then re-added. MY OS is still Tiger.

I will give a dollar to the person that helps me figure this out!
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