Back in the Saddle (Day 2)

7:30 – Arrived at work. Cleaned office. Tried not to cough on anything or anyone. Caught up with Dave B. Watched video that is to run this Sunday. Very well done and good emotion.

8:30 – 10:00am Dept Directors Meeting. Went over “Juicing the Orange” (must read), talked about staffing, admin stuff, updates on spanish service, etc..

10:00-12:00 caught up with Media guys. Tripp was back from being sick for a week. We tried not to cough on each other. Mike came back from vacation (D.C. with his wife). Really glad Mike is back. Really glad Adam is Back (sore throat). Really glad Tripp is back. Really, really glad Dave, Matt and Ryan have held down the fort. Answered emails.

12:00-2:00pm – Drive Music Meeting. Drive is our conference coming up in May (you must come, it’s gonna be great). Talked about session 1. walked through with worship leaders a storyboard of the opening song and the visuals to go with it (I am pretty excited, but it could still be changed). Not going to give away anything but I am excited about what is in my head. Now our team has to figure out the rest of the conference.

2:00-4:00 – Help Matt re-key the new 10B4 for the week. Footage is not cooperating.  One more piece to go for tomorrow. (try to answer emails during renders)

4:00pm – Jiyoung drops kids at work with me to go visit with Jenn and Michael Colwell at hospital. Michael is having brain surgery TODAY to remove 1 of 4 tumors. Michael works in groups at North Point and is responsible for so many of the group curriculum content on North Point’s web and DVD’s. He does much more than that though. More than I think most of us know. Two years ago, Michael was diagnosed with melanoma and had beaten it. Recently, it came back throughout his body. Jenn and Michael are taking one day at a time and all of the staff of North Point, Browns Bridge, and Buckhead are praying for this incredible man, Jenn, and his two young boys. I love that my wife is there right now. 

4:30 – Took the kids to McDonalds.  

5:30 – broke up 3 little arguments about not sure what.

6:00 – Gave kids showers. Jake on computer playing a game. Jillian watching a show.

7:00 – read to kids. Layed down with Jillian. Layed down with Jake. Told Jake that he can’t be afraid of anything tonight because everything that he is afraid of is afraid of me. He said why? I said because I am bigger than they are! He laughed. 

Tomorrow morning, Jake will probably be found in Jillian’s room – on the floor – with his pillows and blanket. I love him! 

Praying for Michael. 



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