Twitter is Killing me!!!

So I twitter via iChat mostly, sometimes through my iPhone but about two weeks ago, everytime I do a Twitter update via my iChat I get the following message:

“TwitterIM is under maintenance at the moment. Please check back later.”

After about the 50th time over the coarse of a couple of weeks, I figured something was a miss. (Don’t ask!)
Has anybody had this happened before? I have reset Twitter settings. Took out Twitter as a buddy and then re-added. MY OS is still Tiger.

I will give a dollar to the person that helps me figure this out!
Picture 1-7


7 thoughts on “Twitter is Killing me!!!

  1. Tried my IM out and it seemed fine, but I’m on Adium. I’ve been using Twitterific or Twitterbin for Firefox to receive and send tweets and I have noticed that Twitter has been down a bunch in the last week. And it has affected both of those programs a couple of times. You should try them out though. If you’ve got an iphone, check out iTweet.

  2. So I just sent a tweet visa my IM and I didn’t see it. Then I found it way down the list. it says it was sent 5 hours ago. So either something is wrong with my time stamp via IM or I can see the future and I knew you were going to have problems 🙂

  3. Daniel gets the dollar. Carlos gets a hug because he showed me twitterrific. Who got the better end of that deal? (yes I am behind on the Twitter stuff).

  4. Since I already missed making a buck…I’ll share a link instead. I found this bright and early this morning. I found it to be an interesting mix to photography compositing and After Effects usage. Some call it lame… I’ll let you be the judge. Check it out if you get the chance…

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