Camp Out with Troika (again)

Okay folks…
Grab that cup of coffee again and spend some time with

These guys to me do some of the coolest, cleanest, sharpest and well thought out packages out there. Plus it looks like a fun place to work. (Read their Bios). They think COMMERCIALLY. They know their audience and they respect their clients! The’re smart. And you see their stuff EVERYWHERE. It is also VERY interesting how their staff is made up. A list of producers and a list of animators and designers.
Think about that.

Picture 1-15

Picture 2-7

Picture 3-7

I love what they write on their “about” page…

“In today’s MEDIA DRENCHED WORLD, design is a powerful tool to connect with audiences and consumers.”

Just hearing those words “Media Drenched World” pushes me because they are so right. In your and my church worlds, where all of our attenders, listeners, seekers, returners come in being “DRENCHED” with content, DRENCHED with information, DRENCHED with culture – how will our designs, our videos, our series look, etc.. – going to leave a lasting impression. Do not underestimate the power of a BAD design and the impression a GOOD DESIGN leaves. Troika didn’t.

Make it your goal.

Make sure you read this, this and this.



Ok People – I am sooooo stoked.
If you have never heard Andy Stanley talk and only have about 10-20 minutes – now’s your chance.
North Point Ministries now has a channel on youTube.

The reason why North Point is putting specific content on YouTube is for everybody and anybody to have access to some powerful truths on specific topics that EVERYONE will identify with. Most of the content is 10-20 minutes long. If you are a Christian and you have a friend that is struggling with marriage, finances, doubt and disbelief, going down the wrong path or life is just doing a once over – please, please, please look through these messages and find one that you think will help that individual. If you are someone who just enjoys listening and watching YouTube content, then please check out North Point’s page. Life is full of too many lies that are soooo easily concealed.

This content is not meant to “show off” North Point or to get people in our doors. It is meant as a tool and a resource for people to link too or link others too that might spark some great conversations about the topic or issues that are being shared. This library will only grow and it is intentional. (“It’s Personal” content is the full messages for the time being). Please listen for yourselves and then pass them along.
Link to a message – put it on your blog – subscribe to the channel – use it however you want.

Picture 1-2
Picture 5
On the media/techy side of things..
My guys worked really hard on getting the content up and designing the look of the page. (yes it’s YouTube’s template limitations so we were limited.)

The shorter clips of Andy are actually the same clips from our “Group Curriculum” DVD’s. Each of our DVD’s have the full messages on them as well as shorter clips (we cut in and out of original message) for group discussion. Then questions come up on your TV and wallah… “discuss”!!
I really want to know what you think.

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Camp Out with 41 reasons to Watch the Super Bowl

Picture 1

I LOVE this site.
It represents what happens when a team has one goal and they accomplish it together.

A couple of notes to not miss:
Make sure you view the story of Mike Woicik (New England Patriots – 2004 Champion). Mike has SIX Super Bowl rings. Three with the Cowboys, three with the Patriots. I worked with Mike during my time in Dallas and I can’t tell you what an amazing person he is. I remember walking into the weight room one day looking for Mike and couldn’t find him. I went to his office and he and Daryl Johnston (moose) were watching the soft spoken Bob Ross work on a painting. It was dead quiet in the room.
Had to be one of the funniest things I saw. Then I found myself watching too.
Also, check out the video on how the rings are made.

If you don’t like football, go read history.
If you love football, go read why.

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Camp Out at the “Picture Mill”

Picture Mill

If you have ever wondered who did some of the studio logo’s that most movies start off with – or who made the INCREDIBLE opening titles for iRobot or Mission Impossible, then your answer will be found at The Picture Mill.
This place has a very concrete vision: specializing in movie titles and branding.
Bring your chair and camp out here for a while. Pretty amazing stuff. Love to know what you think.

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