Micah Stevens and EVERYTHING North Point Production

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Ok, so Hell has frozen over and Micah Stevens has a blog. It has actually been going on for about 2 months now but I think it is known only to a few. So, I am giving a shout out to Micah Stevens. If my team is everything video, creative packaging, product development, pre and post production for North Point’s services, then Micah’s team is EVERYTHING live. Audio, lights, stage design, technical, live video and problem solving multi-campuses. He is a stud, his team is a bunch of studs and he needs to be on your blogroll.
So there!

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Sooooo Late with this

Drive08 Blog
I got to hang with Transition Pete (thanks for the appetizers!) and then later with Pete and Jenni from Crosspointe church.
This was Monday night after the first main session at Drive. I am in Blue and white striped shirt, top left. You can’t see but my left hand is on Carlos’s butt. Yes from way up there. Thats why his eyes are so big.

Getting ready for DRIVE ’08!!!!!

Ok Folks… we’re ready.
For those of you who are going… and I want to hear from each and every one of you, it’s gonna be incredible, fun, crazy, engaging, helpful, and out of this world!!

The whole staff has been working really hard to get ready for the arrival of over 2300 people for Drive.
One of the coolest parts is that we get to have ALL campuses involved with the production instead of meeting on Mondays and Tuesdays and then saying goodbye.
Here are many of the people on the production and media staff from all three campuses…

Photo 215
Josh and Katie Peters (from Buckhead). Katie is SPD assistant at Buckhead and Josh is the Video Director.
Photo 222
A shot of the stage, sorta. It’s wicked cool.

Photo 233
Los, (SPD Director at Buckhead) backstage.
Photo 224
Adam Dukes – Media Team at North Point. He is getting Sunday’s TenBefore ready to go.

Photo 234
Tyler (Browns Bridge Service Programming Director) at the helm of Drive. He is producing and keeping us all in line!

Photo 230
Big Micah (Production Director at North Point) yelling at me “I need videos Brad!”

Photo 220
Mike Davis – Graphic Designer on the Media Team.

Photo 226
Matt Gibson – Video Producer and all things moving on screens with the media department.

Photo 225-1
Dave Blakeslee – Assocociate Media Director in his editing suite sleeping on the job!
Photo 228-1
Left to right – Chris Briley (Browns Bridge Production Director), Julie Arnold (Service Programming Director at North Point and my BOSS), Dave Stagl (Audio Director at North Point), and Micah.
Photo 229-1
Camera Volunteers and the Video Director at North Point, the one the only, Chip Barber!!

Photo 235
Reid Greven (music extradanaire) at North Point! On stage behind the computer. He will be playing the keys for the conference by the way!

Please make sure if you see me, say a big hello.
Looking forward to seeing TransitionPete and Mike Brennan and hopefully more!
Cya Monday.

20,000 hits and going

Just a word to say thank you for coming over to the motion house to check things out. I am truly honored. I however, really want to hear and know a little about you. If you have been peeking in, checking things out, please say hi, tell me a little bit about yourself or ask any question you want.

Much love.  

Renewed Vision (Propresenter) gets nods at Macworld


Macrumors did an article on my buddy Brad Weston (on left) and his company Renewed Vision. They were out at MacWorld in San Francisco (I wonder if my dad saw them). I worked for Brad at a company called Halo where he basically taught me everything I know about technology, authoring and creating video deliverables. He is a volunteer at North Point and our other partnership churches. I can’t say enough about the impact Brad has had at North Point and a ton of other churches around the country. The direction of my life changed after working with Brad and the guys.
Give a shout if you have used propresenter or any other of renewed Vision’s products.

***Update*** Greg (right in picture) just sent me these links from Apple. I am stoked these guys are getting some great scenery on Apple’s web. If you haven’t used their stuff download the demo right from Apple’s site at the links below.
Check this out or this out. Congratulations guys.

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