Sooooo Late with this

Drive08 Blog
I got to hang with Transition Pete (thanks for the appetizers!) and then later with Pete and Jenni from Crosspointe church.
This was Monday night after the first main session at Drive. I am in Blue and white striped shirt, top left. You can’t see but my left hand is on Carlos’s butt. Yes from way up there. Thats why his eyes are so big.


8 thoughts on “Sooooo Late with this

  1. hey,
    really enjoyed Drive thanks to all you guys for doing what you do. This was are 3rd trip to drive and who knows how many trips to np. We are down in tampa fl trying to figure out how to make north point south happen here. We are sold out on the model. We have been to dothan partner 5 or 6 times as well. we want to make it happen here. We trying hard . Thanks again for working so hard for us.

  2. Mike –
    Great to meet you and the guys from New York.
    I am gonna call you if Jiyoung and I go up your way.

    Mike, call anytime. Love to help if I can.

    Jenni, it was great talking with you and Pete. HUGE fan of what you guys are doing. Please stay in touch. I am sooo glad you enjoyed Drive.

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