Renewed Vision (Propresenter) gets nods at Macworld


Macrumors did an article on my buddy Brad Weston (on left) and his company Renewed Vision. They were out at MacWorld in San Francisco (I wonder if my dad saw them). I worked for Brad at a company called Halo where he basically taught me everything I know about technology, authoring and creating video deliverables. He is a volunteer at North Point and our other partnership churches. I can’t say enough about the impact Brad has had at North Point and a ton of other churches around the country. The direction of my life changed after working with Brad and the guys.
Give a shout if you have used propresenter or any other of renewed Vision’s products.

***Update*** Greg (right in picture) just sent me these links from Apple. I am stoked these guys are getting some great scenery on Apple’s web. If you haven’t used their stuff download the demo right from Apple’s site at the links below.
Check this out or this out. Congratulations guys.

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7 thoughts on “Renewed Vision (Propresenter) gets nods at Macworld

  1. We have been using ProPresenter for about a year now. We were Media Shout prior to that and made the jump last February.

    Honestly we made the jump mostly to get onto an Apple format to be more stable. the PC/Media Shout world could be a horror story at times. i do miss some of the features of Media Shout, cause it’s so all in one and we aren’t running a fancy playback system. but, ProPresenter is gaining ground with constant tweak and improvements.

    We won’t be going back.

  2. Hi, this is Isma Martinez from Barcelona, Spain.

    We’re planting a new church and we’re in contact with the guys from Buckhead Church and North Point Community Church because they’re helping us in the way to try to do something different and attractive to the outsiders.

    In fact, i had a meeting with you Brad where you showed me about how you use video production in your services, and i also met with Brad from Renewed Vision.

    I’m an Apple addict, so, it’s a pleasure for us having an amazing software as ProPresenter is to work in our church.

    ProPresenter is an incredible tool.

  3. I’ve been using ProPreseter for a number of years. Brad was kind enough to give me a mini tour before a 7:22 on night that I was visiting North Point about 5 years ago. I’ve recommended it to many people, as it’s a great program. I’m glad they are getting a lot of exposer. They deserve it!

  4. Hello ISMA!!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am trying to set-up a trip for the media team this summer to go overseas and visit some of our partners and help with any video or production needs they might have. Talk to Rodney and see if it’s something you guys might be interested in.
    Hey Mike! Great to hear from you again. I hope things are going great at True North. Please let me know if your in the Atlanta area again. Brad Weston has always been the kind of guy that helps churches use technology for their services in a smart and affordable way. I agree they deserve the exposure.
    Just don’t play poker with Brad – he’ll take your money.

  5. Hi Brad,
    It’s a pleasure visiting your blog and knowing more about that amazing things you guys are doing. I wish i could be there often.
    Jenny is coming soon, so, i will take with her about that trip. It would be awesom if som of you guys could come and help us.
    I’ll keep you updated.

  6. We’ve been using ProPresenter for about a year and its been amazing. So much better than anything else we’ve tried. I’ve been looking at their ProVideoPlayer also, it looks pretty rad as well. We are also planning a 2nd campus launch later in the year and I’ve looked into ProVideoSync for that. I love their products…

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