Sooooo Late with this

Drive08 Blog
I got to hang with Transition Pete (thanks for the appetizers!) and then later with Pete and Jenni from Crosspointe church.
This was Monday night after the first main session at Drive. I am in Blue and white striped shirt, top left. You can’t see but my left hand is on Carlos’s butt. Yes from way up there. Thats why his eyes are so big.


North Point Music Guy

So I haven’t “pimped” anybody’s blog since I started this addiction as I feel I am not really worthy of enough experience to “pimp out”. But i did want to give a shout to a BRAND NEW BLOGGER named Reid Greven. Reid is the associate music director at North Point and pretty much handles the band members. When I say handles, I mean taming. I not only get to work with Reid every day but he is also a member of the unofficial North Point Fantasy football league (purely entertainment) which I head up.
Reid’s from Canada so cut him some slack. He is amazingly talented and loves God. If you have anything to do with music in your church, put Reid in your rotation of blogs to visit.

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