Media Team Changes


So Carlos made his first employee steal ๐Ÿ˜‰ of his time here at NPM. Dustin from my team will now be serving at Buckhead Church as the audio director for SPD (service programming department). Dustin was our studio director with media which meant he was responsible for anything audio when it came to videos, podcasts, voice overs, audio recordings, Sunday morning live capturing and remixing… you name it and he’s done it. Now he will be in charge of anything audio for Buckhead Church and their worship servies. To be fair, Dustin is actually going back to the position in which WE at North Point stole him from.

Dustin will be missed tremendously. He has the ability to lead up and has influenced me in so many ways. Buckhead has some great leaders over there and their reach is long. I am excited for Dustin to get back into live mixing on a full time basis and he will be tremendously missed.

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2 thoughts on “Media Team Changes

  1. You should just switch up players every couple of weeks just to keep it fresh ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think it is amazing to have the resource you guys have to be able to focus on your audio/video needs. What a blessing I am sure.

    I swear this isn’t a plug, but it sounds like Dustin had my dream job. I love ministry and what I do, but I miss the engineer world.

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