Happy New Year


So what’s it gonna be this year? What’s gonna be different? What are you gonna accomplish? Who will you serve? Where will your time be spent? What is the ONE thing you want to do this year better, and how are you going to do it.

I just got off the phone with my buddy Ted and we were talking about next year. For me next year was all about being more disciplined. He surprised me with his response. He said Brad you know what you need to do more of this year – you need to have more fun! That caught me off guard a little but then I thought about it. One thing about me is that I am one of the most analytical people you will ever meet. I look at things through three different lenses sometimes – what do I think, what do you think, and what does someone else think. It’s the curse of a people pleaser. Oh yes I am opinionated and will stand my ground on different concepts and ideas and ways of doing things but still at the core, a people pleaser.

I am also one of the most margin-less people you have ever met when it comes to TIME. Some of that is due to choices Jiyoung and I have made, some of it is due to discipline and lack thereof, and some of it is just flat out being unintentional with pursuing margin. It’s the latter that I think Ted was talking about for me. Pursuing discipline this year will help me produce the margin, but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t schedule it. Too many times I think “if I don’t do this, then who will….” and half of that time the energy is spent in the wrong direction, wrong priorities, and wrong people.
Really, I am not that important.

But at home, I am.

Happy New Year.
Serve God with excellence and go have some fun.


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