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You gotta love mark cuban! Read This.


TenBefore 3-2-08 for North Point, Buckhead and Browns Bridge

Ok – this post is a doozey so grab a cup of coffee if your interested and get a feel for what three campuses experience right before the services start on a Sunday morning.

Let me start off by giving some credits:

Producer: well… that would be me.
Written & Directed (Kelly segments for all three campuses): Sunny Williams
Shooter for Green Screen: Dave Blakeslee
Green Screen Edit: Dave Blakeslee
Keyed: the guys let me do this.
Composited, Motion Graphics and Final Edit: Matt Gibson (our maximizer)

Click here to see NPCC’s TenBefore
Click here to see Buckhead’s TenBefore
Click here to see Browns Bridge TenBefore

Before you see the TenBefore’s, read below for a little bit of insight.

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Each week the media team needs to export three different versions of the TenBefore. Much of the content is the same but there are specific elements that are different. three Churches – three Kelly intro’s – three logo’s.

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For this particular week, all three churches are letting people know about “NEXT” an environment for those wishing to take the next step in getting connected. Whether it’s volunteering, finding out where to get plugged in, whatever you are interested in, we want them to not take up a seat but to get INVOLVED and find out what is NEXT.

Picture 9Picture 1-8

So we needed to promote “I Want to be Great” a new four-part series that Clay Scroggins AND Andy were going to preach together. Clay is young, fun and is the High School pastor. Andy is, well, the senior pastor! So we convinced Andy to help us with the promo and I am so glad he did. He has a great sense of humor and pulled it off great. The concept obviously came from a certain Super Bowl ad but it worked perfect because of the series that was coming up. (This promo is in the Buckhead and Browns Bridge TenBefore and not in North Point’s. North Point had already ran it twice and instead did a Kelly VO with graphics.) Tripp and Tyler did great and continue to be a staple of laughs for our pre-service ideas! Tripp (guy on left), Adam, Matt, Ryan, Dave B. did a great job of getting this baby in the can on a tight turnaround with some TOUGH weather conditions and some serious illnesses. While one crew was shooting the golf scene, Dave was setting up in Andy’s office. We had 45 minutes to get Andy’s stuff.
A lot of details on this shoot. The picture in picture on the computer. The wall that needed to fall (thanks matt borbi). Finding a golf course in the dead of winter. Asking IT to give us a computer and CAMERA we could total. Good times.
I got to put the graphic together at the end and added the “falling” logo for a little fun. Mike (our graphic designer) worked really hard with Brian Manley to come up with this look. HUGE TEAM EFFORT. These are my favorite successes.

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We started a new segment called “unplugged” and really it’s a way for our attenders to get to know our worship leaders in a fun and relate-able way. The cool thing about this is that all three campuses got involved. North Point (Dave and Tripp) shot and edited Kristian Stanfill’s video. Kaye at Buckhead shot and edited Chrystina Fincher’s video and Ryan Shove and Shae got to shoot Casey Darnell’s video. We know that there are a TON of ways to do this kind of video. Kaye originally came up with the Cribs type feel so we modeled after it however kept it a little bit “lower toned”. Our goal was to not make it CRIBS “look at me” but more of a get to know me segment as if you were invited over to the house. Browns Bridge went with a completely different route and came up with a powerful piece on Casey. I love Ryan’s set design. Matt from media worked his magic on the branding side of things.

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Buckhead added a little segment called the “Just Tell Booth”. In early January we did a series called “Just Ask”. Buckhead decided to make a “confessional booth” for people who were invited to church by a friend, co-worker, family member, etc.. and to talk into a camera and tell their story of how someone “asked” them to church. I love this idea and I love that we were able to put it into the TenBefore that is specific to Buckhead.

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Lastly – all three campuses took the opportunity to make people aware of one of our partnerships. This time we highlighted Southside Church in Peachtree City. I believe Joe Wiggleston took a ton of B-Roll for our guys to put together. Kelly did great with walking us through this campus. I can’t say enough about Kelly and the way she makes this look easy. Sunny Williams does an amazing job of writing these scripts and walking and directing Kelly during the shoots. Again, I am spoiled to work with incredible people.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all or just make a general comment. Believe it or not, I hate to write, but love to read.

Twitter is Killing me!!!

So I twitter via iChat mostly, sometimes through my iPhone but about two weeks ago, everytime I do a Twitter update via my iChat I get the following message:

“TwitterIM is under maintenance at the moment. Please check back later.”

After about the 50th time over the coarse of a couple of weeks, I figured something was a miss. (Don’t ask!)
Has anybody had this happened before? I have reset Twitter settings. Took out Twitter as a buddy and then re-added. MY OS is still Tiger.

I will give a dollar to the person that helps me figure this out!
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Ok People – I am sooooo stoked.
If you have never heard Andy Stanley talk and only have about 10-20 minutes – now’s your chance.
North Point Ministries now has a channel on youTube.

The reason why North Point is putting specific content on YouTube is for everybody and anybody to have access to some powerful truths on specific topics that EVERYONE will identify with. Most of the content is 10-20 minutes long. If you are a Christian and you have a friend that is struggling with marriage, finances, doubt and disbelief, going down the wrong path or life is just doing a once over – please, please, please look through these messages and find one that you think will help that individual. If you are someone who just enjoys listening and watching YouTube content, then please check out North Point’s page. Life is full of too many lies that are soooo easily concealed.

This content is not meant to “show off” North Point or to get people in our doors. It is meant as a tool and a resource for people to link too or link others too that might spark some great conversations about the topic or issues that are being shared. This library will only grow and it is intentional. (“It’s Personal” content is the full messages for the time being). Please listen for yourselves and then pass them along.
Link to a message – put it on your blog – subscribe to the channel – use it however you want.

Picture 1-2
Picture 5
On the media/techy side of things..
My guys worked really hard on getting the content up and designing the look of the page. (yes it’s YouTube’s template limitations so we were limited.)

The shorter clips of Andy are actually the same clips from our “Group Curriculum” DVD’s. Each of our DVD’s have the full messages on them as well as shorter clips (we cut in and out of original message) for group discussion. Then questions come up on your TV and wallah… “discuss”!!
I really want to know what you think.

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