NFL Films and the Super Bowl.

Picture 2-4

Those who are in production and shoot video live will appreciate this.
Look at the information on the lower thirds of what these guys do.
I think I might start hiring guys and titling them by the frame rate they shoot.


4 thoughts on “NFL Films and the Super Bowl.

  1. I had a production teacher back at SVA named Tony Ceglio who used to be heavily involved with NFL Films; he even brought in Steve Sabol at one point to discuss some of their techniques and philosophies with the class. You can tell those guys really love their jobs and you can just feel a passion for the game bleeding from their eyes. Great stuff!

  2. That was awesome to watch. I would love to be able to be on those sidelines. I did some HS football photography which was pretty fun, but to be able to capture professionals, would be great.

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