Ok People – I am sooooo stoked.
If you have never heard Andy Stanley talk and only have about 10-20 minutes – now’s your chance.
North Point Ministries now has a channel on youTube.

The reason why North Point is putting specific content on YouTube is for everybody and anybody to have access to some powerful truths on specific topics that EVERYONE will identify with. Most of the content is 10-20 minutes long. If you are a Christian and you have a friend that is struggling with marriage, finances, doubt and disbelief, going down the wrong path or life is just doing a once over – please, please, please look through these messages and find one that you think will help that individual. If you are someone who just enjoys listening and watching YouTube content, then please check out North Point’s page. Life is full of too many lies that are soooo easily concealed.

This content is not meant to “show off” North Point or to get people in our doors. It is meant as a tool and a resource for people to link too or link others too that might spark some great conversations about the topic or issues that are being shared. This library will only grow and it is intentional. (“It’s Personal” content is the full messages for the time being). Please listen for yourselves and then pass them along.
Link to a message – put it on your blog – subscribe to the channel – use it however you want.

Picture 1-2
Picture 5
On the media/techy side of things..
My guys worked really hard on getting the content up and designing the look of the page. (yes it’s YouTube’s template limitations so we were limited.)

The shorter clips of Andy are actually the same clips from our “Group Curriculum” DVD’s. Each of our DVD’s have the full messages on them as well as shorter clips (we cut in and out of original message) for group discussion. Then questions come up on your TV and wallah… “discuss”!!
I really want to know what you think.

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4 thoughts on “NORTH POINT and YOUTUBE!!!!!

  1. Sweet! I don’t think you can ever get enough of Andy! And I think the content is too important to not explore other avenues of getting it out there. So I say “Rock on!”

    And btw – after being inspired by what you guys do with After Effects – I have taken my first small step into that world (I bought a copy and took your advice about training, and – that guy is amazing…) I’m really excited about the possibilities. Keep up the great work!

  2. Fantastic!! And so non threatening, I mean how can someone say You Tube is too Churchy 😉
    I love it 🙂

    Can you say what codec you used?

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