Drive Conference. Have any Questions? Ask Andy!

Go to Drive Website. Click on flying plane banner. Check out the questions.
Good times!

Picture 3-3

Picture 2-5


8 thoughts on “Drive Conference. Have any Questions? Ask Andy!

  1. DUDE! That is hilarious! Those two guys never fail to deliver laughs, the concept is brilliant, and the Andy clips are timed out perfectly. The lighting & layout is really solid for such a large number of background subjects–are they staffers/actors/volunteers? Such a great idea…

  2. that was awesome! i love the creativity you guys have. I’d love to see more for the actual event (if you guys haven’t planned on that already).

  3. That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen on the web. I just forwarded it on to a ton of people. Brad you are an incredible leader the things your team come up with are amazing. Great job!!

  4. Joe – Thanks for the love. I can’t wait to see your TEN BEFORE version you did. Send it to me will ya!

    Mike – Gotta come to Drive. Looking forward to Lunch.

    Brent – Just come to the conference!! Or just come on a Sunday.

    Sitton – You complete me. 🙂 Everybody go to Brad’s website and buy a crowd control product… you won’t regret it.

    Dave – you’re too kind. When are you coming to Atlanta again? Or is it my turn to come up to Nashville! Thanks for the words. I am thinking you need another IKEA run!

  5. I’d be there tomorrow if I could. We’ve got the “IKEA express” in Nashvegas ( and our office looks much like the store now. The only difference is our computer screens actually work.

    Planning an extended stay in your basement in the near future. Stock the fridge and, uh, oh yeah… what’s the person/capacity limit again?


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