Hard Knocks Cowboys Training Camp

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For those of you like me without HBO but you would love to see “Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys” click on this link and check it out.
Episode Seven – Jason Garrett “You need to have swagger! What is Swagger? It”s confidence. If you don’t have that, then there’s the door.”
I love the NFL.

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And so it begins….

So Jake signed up for football last Saturday and will start practices in August.
He has played soccer, basketball, and baseball. In each sport he just wants to tackle people.
Outside of me being concerned that Jake can’t get off the ground with all his pads on, I think he’ll have a good time.

For those that don’t know me well, I have deep roots in this sport and I hope my son enjoys it. Bring out the tums! Lord help me.

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Sooooo Late with this

Drive08 Blog
I got to hang with Transition Pete (thanks for the appetizers!) and then later with Pete and Jenni from Crosspointe church.
This was Monday night after the first main session at Drive. I am in Blue and white striped shirt, top left. You can’t see but my left hand is on Carlos’s butt. Yes from way up there. Thats why his eyes are so big.

Jake Got the Game Ball

No picture (yet)…
But just thought you should all know… my boy went 3-3 in his new baseball helmet ($20 nike supercool lid from Dick’s Sporting goods) and yes…. he killed it. Proud of him even when he was playing with his gum and a line drive went right by him in center field. Problem was that they didn’t let him wear his helmet out in the field. 😉