Good to know I have influence around the world


So yesterday I posted the HP video and my good friend Jeff surprised me with not just a comment but a little video of how I inspired his new hobby. First, a little history.

Jeff went to Baylor and is from Texas. Our paths met up when I played drums and toured the world (southeast) with Dave Bell. He became the road manager and our pastor as we traveled. Jeff then went on to work with Passion and headed up their resources here in Atlanta where I continued to work with him via the development of DVD’s and replication for Louie. Jeff met Sabrina (his wife) who is from France and after a couple of years living in the US, they decided to move to FRANCE where they both currently reside.

While Jeff continues to learn French in order to work (which I am sure he is very fluent in now) he gets to have fun biking (he’s an avid cyclist) and shooting home movies.

This video gives you some insight into a little of his personality. I know that he is so missed around here! Thanks for showing me your chops!!
Check out his entire site here.

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