Which of these is NOT true. (Getting to know us a little)

My wife worked for Passion when it was just Louie, Shelly and – well – my wife.
I quit smoking when I was 25
I played in Germany for the Frankfurt Galaxy. (NFL Europe)
My wife is beautiful. (don’t even think about saying this isn’t true)
My kids are freaking adorable.
I played drums on Passion ’98
My dog Calvin sheds like he needs to make a blanket or something.
I have authored all of Louie Giglio’s sermon series DVD’s.
My brother’s name is Brian my name is Brad and if you say Brian and Brad Bretz are brothers really fast ten times you might hurt yourself.
I played with the Dallas Cowboys
I got cut by the Dallas Cowboys
I played with the Washington Redskins
I got cut by the Washington Redskins
I do not have Leopard yet.
We just finished remodeling our kitchen and life is goooooooooood.
Please post your answer.


21 thoughts on “Which of these is NOT true. (Getting to know us a little)

  1. I am torn between “I quit smoking at 25” and “I do not have Leopard yet”. I’ve never heard you talk about smoking but I guess it is possible that you never told us about that or that I just wasn’t paying attention. It doesn’t seem likely that you do not have Leopard yet since you are a huge mac geek. I wish I could poll the audience or go 50/50. Final answer – “Quit smoking at 25”.

  2. Wow Brad, you are a very layered and interesting individual–and, assuming that only one of the above is false, then you have, one way or another, definitely played in the NFL. How did I go about reading your blog without knowing these things?

    I tried chanting the tongue-twister involving you and your brother Brian and I found myself saying something that sounded like “Prying Bad Pretzel Brothers”. I think I did hurt myself. Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My guess is that you’ve made the jump to Leopard. Then again, I haven’t, so who knows…?

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