20,000 hits and going

Just a word to say thank you for coming over to the motion house to check things out. I am truly honored. I however, really want to hear and know a little about you. If you have been peeking in, checking things out, please say hi, tell me a little bit about yourself or ask any question you want.

Much love.  


20 thoughts on “20,000 hits and going

  1. I’ve been kind of following your blog from the sidelines, but I’ve been learning so much 🙂
    I’ve often wondered how North Point gets a lot of their media stuff done, and even after volunteering at the church for 7 years, I still can’t quite figure it out. haha your blog’s helped me understand it a little bit better and I still hope to one day work for the media team! 😀

  2. I shall emerge from my lurking once again… I’m Mike, from Long Island NY, 36, I like long walks over short bridges, ice cream and.. errr, i mean… I’m the Associate Pastor, designer, college ministry director, etc. of a 2 and a half year old church plant called True North Community Church. The lead Pastor (who is also my brother-in-law) and I were amazed when we visited North Point years back for the Thirsty conferences. We’ve been hooked on North Point & Passion since and both organizations have influenced us to the core. We never knew church and worship could be like that. We try to make an annual trip to North Point. I think we’re going to the Drive conference this year (which I’m way psyched about!). I’ve always been amazed with the openness of the staff (no matter what department) and willingness to share what you guys have learned along the way. I can’t imagine that being part of your “job description” yet everyone always seems to go the extra mile in sharing. I love seeing what you guys are doing (which some stuff, unless you are on a campus, you would never see). As far as a question – how did you come to be at North Point? What was your journey like?

  3. My name is Malachi, from San Bernardino, CA. I work at The Rock Church managing the membership database (FellowshipOne). I don’t really do video, but I love all things creative and enjoy immersing myself in knowledge of the arts. I play guitar and drums here at the church. Would your database manager (or whatever the title happens to be) have a blog?

  4. Hey Brad-
    I am a HUGE fan of the site and your work. Thank for being real with so many invisible people. Ok now for things i think you need to talk about…
    http://www.blisterstudio.com have you seen this guys site WOW!!
    http://www.crowdcontrolgames.com Have you seen this? It looks kind of like those amazing interactive video crowd games you played at Drive. They are great (and so reasonable priced)!!
    Thanks again for all you do.
    keep it up.

  5. B-Rad-

    I sit next to you in pre-production and I am going to Keith Urabn/Carrie Underwood with you and your wife.

    The Hodge

  6. Ok let me explain Brad “shameless promotion” Sitton’s post.
    First of all – he is a dear friend not a spammer!
    Second – if you have ever been to a Passion Conference, seen a Passion promo, including the PASSION world tour promo “can you feel it” (which by the way is out of this world), he is responsible. Brad is a very gifted individual who is also in my small group and lives about a rock’s throw away. He and Jennifer are amazing people who we love dearly.
    That said – go to Brad’s website and check out the stuff he has done and then go support a brother and buy his crowdcontrol game. We used it at North Point for Drive ’05, they have used it at YMR camps, Catalyst, anything that has to do with the crowd making something move on screen, Brad has probably something to do with it.
    Seriously, he is one talented man!

  7. Hi Brad,

    I’ve been reading your site for a few weeks. Linked here from the NPCC Production blog and the Buckhead Production blog. I’m the live video director at Mariners Church in Irvine, California and do some editing as well at church. I can only dream of being as proficient at After Effects as you and your team, but you inspire me and your video confessionals are a great tool. I’ve shamelessly stolen the production blog style you folks have established and will soon be launching a tech blog for our volunteers. Keep up the great work. I hope to make it to Northpoint some time soon.

  8. Alex – thank you. Really.
    Bobby – please stop me this Sunday and say hi! I know I know you, I just have to put a face to a name.
    Marty – cool website. Thanks for hangin’ with the motion house.
    Mike – I thought I recognized that accent! Please say hello at Drive this year. Looking forward to having you come! We are honored that you would take the time to come to our place when there are so many to choose from. really, I would love to do lunch.
    Malachi – I am not even sure who our database manager is for the whole church. But Shane Stephens is the volunteer coordinator for Service programming Division. Does that count?
    Adam – thanks! I hope things are well.
    Brad S. – you are killing me! I want residuals.
    Jason – April concert tickets for our Brides at Christmas. You owe me BIGTIME.

  9. oh, my goodness. you made me blush. 😀
    thank you for the kind words…. and, of course you can have one. i have connections.

    so, what am I commenting on here? (hang on a sec)

    wow! 20,000 hits. that’s respectable.

    hi, my name is carolyn and I have been sober for…. oh, wait a minute. that’s for somewhere else. ;-D

  10. My name is Scott Telle and I am Pastor of Media at Maryland Community Church in Terre Haute Indiana. I’ve just started watching your blog in the past month, and I enjoy seeing the work you’ve done–thanks for sharing! Also, thanks for the Blue Fuse Music tip you passed me a couple weeks back. later!

  11. Traci – Thank you for visiting!! I am from San Jose so anybody from California feels like home. Our production guys rock.

    Abs and Carolyn – its amazing how blogging can bring people from across the country together. Thanks for inspiring.

    Mike… looking forward to Drive.

  12. Hello neighbor…for some unknown reason, you keep popping into my life…can I ever get away from you?? Great blog and you can now consider me a regular…


  13. way cool Brad. Just found out about your blog over a week ago. I am from Stellenberg Community Church in Cape Town, South Africa, Cape Town is 4th in the monopolyworldvote, yay. I had the opportunity to chat with you at Drive06 albeit for a brief time – things were quite hectic.

    Our Church here is really growing man! the sound and video media is taking off like you won’t believe 🙂 and I get the chance to film testimonies, short films and put together title packages – I love it, but is if so busy, but I am putting together a team to take it to the next level.


  14. haha sorry for not stopping by… I didn’t see that post until just now and I’ll be out of town next week. I’ll stop by on the 24th! I’m working West CG then 🙂

  15. Not sure how I found you. But, I’m pretty sure I’ll stay. I’m the Production Director at a ~5000 person church in San Diego, CA. We have a small crew (me, one Part Time guy, Our Music Director/video-guy-when-he-needs-to-be, and Worship Pastor/graphic-designer-when-he-needs-to-be) so our team is always looking for new ideas and quick paths to learning new techniques. Lots of video to do each week and little time to do it. New techniques always help….thanks for the insights.

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