Interesting prediction for Mac World.

This perked my ears big time!!!
This is from Mike Industries.
I hope it’s true!!!
“.Mac Finally Gets Great.”
“I thought the release of the iPhone and Leopard would coincide with a massive revamp of Apple’s .Mac service, but it never did. I was three years early in calling the iPhone, but I don’t think I’m that early on this one. Come January, .Mac will become the missing link that let’s you sync your entire life, over-the-air. If you’re shocked that the iPhone can’t do something as simple sync with your iCal/Contacts/.Mac over-the-air right now but can do so in just a few seconds using a standard USB cable, you’re not alone. If you think Steve Jobs hates having his phone out of sync when he’s on the road, you’re also not alone. These features are coming, and while you can argue they should have been there from the start, you can also argue that they belong as part of a subscription package like .Mac. In order for Apple to increase their .Mac subscriptions 5-10x, they need to be part of a well orchestrated “Life Sync” campaign, and sold separately from the iPhone itself.I believe Apple’s plan involves two concurrent strategies for getting into the life-syncing bloodstream: a) play nice with Exchange (current support via IMAP barely qualifies), and b) play nice with open technologies like IMAP and iCalendar/WebCal (already in-progress). Most big companies these days run their corporate mail on Exchange. Know what Apple runs internally, at least as of very recently? Netscape’s old mail server. I’m serious. Running that mail server for so long taught them how inferior it is to Exchange, but also taught them that by using the right combination of open technologies like IMAP, iCalendar, and WebDAV and then creating the right glue to tie it all together for the end user, they could produce an enterprise-quality experience rivaling Exchange and even beating it in many areas. Via this new and revamped .Mac service, you’ll be able to play nicely with most of the major platforms out there: Exchange, IMAP (and by extension Gmail and Yahoo Mail), WebCal, POP, and who knows what else. In 2008, .Mac will finally become the big revenue driver Apple expected it to be years ago.”

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6 thoughts on “Interesting prediction for Mac World.

  1. After going through three computers in less than a month with Windows Vista, I got so frustrated I switched to a Mac. That was hard for someone with a decade of PC support under his belt.

    Now that I’ve switched, my only regret is I didn’t switch sooner. Why anyone would use a PC since Apple’s prices have become competitive I have no idea. But I know I’ll never go back.

    I’m saving for my new Iphone, hopefully will have the money soon.

  2. Oh Man! I am with you. I hope this is true. I am tired of going from google to yahoo to you name it trying to make everything seem less. Something has got to take place that allows us to have this integration.

    I would love it! and I’d pay for it!

    Hope your holiday season is going well.

  3. That just might make it worth paying for… of course, I still wouldn’t get it for another 4.5 years or so. Whenever I could get an iphone on sprint and they add copy and paste, and move that little delete button from the bottom right hand side, plus faster data connection and better email handling. Once all that’s taken care of, I just might be down.


  4. Tony – welcome to the family!
    Brent – life will get easier come January.
    portorikan – I have heard that people who use sprint are the same as people who use Apple. They love it and don’t understand why people would use anything else. Thanks for posting.

  5. I’m just looking forward to the day I actually understand what that article was about!

    Love, your Apple-loving music geek…

    btw – Brad, feel free to give me some pointers on my new iPhone…

  6. Thanks for the welcome and info Brad. Yeah, Sprint does do pretty good but their Customer Service could definitely use an overhaul, but when you’re set up, you’ve got very little to worry about.

    I’m definitely looking forward to January though… it’s always exciting to hear what’s coming down the line. Christmas all over again. 🙂

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