Camp Out with Troika (again)

Okay folks…
Grab that cup of coffee again and spend some time with

These guys to me do some of the coolest, cleanest, sharpest and well thought out packages out there. Plus it looks like a fun place to work. (Read their Bios). They think COMMERCIALLY. They know their audience and they respect their clients! The’re smart. And you see their stuff EVERYWHERE. It is also VERY interesting how their staff is made up. A list of producers and a list of animators and designers.
Think about that.

Picture 1-15

Picture 2-7

Picture 3-7

I love what they write on their “about” page…

“In today’s MEDIA DRENCHED WORLD, design is a powerful tool to connect with audiences and consumers.”

Just hearing those words “Media Drenched World” pushes me because they are so right. In your and my church worlds, where all of our attenders, listeners, seekers, returners come in being “DRENCHED” with content, DRENCHED with information, DRENCHED with culture – how will our designs, our videos, our series look, etc.. – going to leave a lasting impression. Do not underestimate the power of a BAD design and the impression a GOOD DESIGN leaves. Troika didn’t.

Make it your goal.

Make sure you read this, this and this.


3 thoughts on “Camp Out with Troika (again)

  1. The lasting impression is huge in my mind. And it’s not just about making it brighter or louder. It is truly making for the ones you want to get it.

    I just got done looking at that Music high Definition project. INCREDIBLE!

    Of course, you were probably a big fan of the NFL one 🙂

  2. I just love that they hit all segments VERY, VERY, well.
    From the Food channel, to the NFL, to MTV High Definition, to a rebrand of a network.

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