Camp Out on this question?

What was the last place you have been too that made you say – “I want to come back!”
(It could be anywhere or any place).

What was the last place you have been too that made you say – “I never want to come back!”



10 thoughts on “Camp Out on this question?

  1. I know why you’re asking this!

    Come back = The restaurant La Violette on Clairmont. Great French cuisine and great service.

    Never come back = La Casita in East Atlanta. Horrible food. Horrible service. Horrible atmosphere.

  2. come back = Cheesecake Factory: fried macaroni and cheese balls… need i say more?

    never come back = Books-A-Million: couldn’t find anything, the “products” are not well taken care of, and the seats are sticky (and of course, joe muggs doesn’t hold a candle to st. arbucks)

  3. Come back = The casino in Niagara Falls. Great environment and atmospher.

    Never come back = Hotel @ Willow Arts Conference in June. Awful room, awful service.

  4. This is my first time here. I’m Tam, inWorships wife. I want to say thank you for your encouraging comment on Brents “Why are we moving” post. Your words and support mean a lot to us. So thank you. Thank you very much!

    Chris, My husband and I were at Willows conference in June too. Hoping to go back again!

  5. Come back = (other than my girlfriend’s arms) Aretha Frankenstein’s restaurant in Chattanooga. Whatever negative thing it is that makes chain restaurants… well, “chain restaurants” this place totally lacks. Great food, great people, and a completely unique environment.

    Never come back = Wal-Mart In many ways, the epitome of a lack of focus. They “do” a lot of stuff (offer a variety of products), none of it well. I walked out of there the other day thinking “I don’t think I’m too good to shop here, but I wish I was too good to shop here.”

  6. I’m gonna answer only the first part of this question, and it’s so easy for me Brad.

    It was the last i was at NPCC and Buckhead Church, it happened on the same sunday. Do i need to tell you why? šŸ˜‰

  7. Hey Brad, your blog rocks! I’m learning motion graphics and you guys are a great inspiration to me!

    Come back – BUCKHEAD CHURCH – Besides the excellent content and visitor friendly environment… the whole multimedia experience blew my graphic design mind out to i-285. :0)

    Never come back – CHILLI’S down in Stockbridge… worse service I’ve experienced in all my years of America. It was the birthplace of my perfect response to a bad service… I wrote on the receipt: GOOD SERVICE = GOOD TIP / ZERO SERVICE = ZERO TIP… and I didn’t feel bad one bit. :0)

  8. Come back: Northside Hospital. Weird? maybe, but I felt really cared for, seriously. Minus one night nurse. But I cherish our time there after Coltan was born.

    Never come back: Our hotel in Rome, I can’t even remember the name of it. It was that good. The only service in Italy that we felt like we were back in the US.

  9. I can’t wait to go back to NYC – Went on my honeymoon with my wife. I loved it. So many lights and people and things to do. I mean, the place was alive at 2 am and I loved it. I loved it.

    I never want to go back to… I dunno. I certainly don’t want to move away from my friends and family again.

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