Camp Out with 41 reasons to Watch the Super Bowl

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I LOVE this site.
It represents what happens when a team has one goal and they accomplish it together.

A couple of notes to not miss:
Make sure you view the story of Mike Woicik (New England Patriots – 2004 Champion). Mike has SIX Super Bowl rings. Three with the Cowboys, three with the Patriots. I worked with Mike during my time in Dallas and I can’t tell you what an amazing person he is. I remember walking into the weight room one day looking for Mike and couldn’t find him. I went to his office and he and Daryl Johnston (moose) were watching the soft spoken Bob Ross work on a painting. It was dead quiet in the room.
Had to be one of the funniest things I saw. Then I found myself watching too.
Also, check out the video on how the rings are made.

If you don’t like football, go read history.
If you love football, go read why.

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