WOW!!! “A Short Love Story in Stop Motion”

Matt from media showed me this wonderful little piece.
Who needs 3-D when you can just make the stuff!


One thought on “WOW!!! “A Short Love Story in Stop Motion”

  1. Brad,
    I occasionally peek at your blog cuz I am an obsessed after effects newbie and I love to see what your creative team is up to (I wish there was more explaining how specifically you’ve done things). In fact my husband and I joke that sometimes I’m missing the content of the 10 B4 because I’m too busy trying to analyze what’s been put together.

    Also, as an odd aside, I’ve had to refrain from saying an overly friendly hello to you a couple of times at church since I am only familiar with you here! OK, this is starting to look like a creepy message.

    Anyway, my husband (he will probably cringe to know I’ve dragged him into this comment…) and I spend time looking for creative inspiration on vimeo and we LOVED this one when we saw it originally.

    OK, gonna stop typing here before this gets any weirder!

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