“It’s Personal” Part 1 Title Package (Video Confessional)


OK, so here is the scoop on how “It’s Personal” came about…
These videos are unique in a couple of ways. First, everything is photographs. In the early creative meetings we wanted to tell three stories of different individual’s lives and the barrier’s that kept them from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Let me tell ya, these stories are powerful. We fell in love with a couple of black and white photo’s from JPEG magazine and as we worked through some design comps, decided to add blue splash to it. The bulletin looks great (See previous post) and overall the series is coming together well. One additional unique flavor about this series is that we are incorporating ALL SCREENS for the title package. Meaning, the videos will be showing on the 16×9 image mag as well as the High Def screen in the middle. The trick here (and we are still learning) is to not have the person in the audience try to figure out which one to look at but to instead, have a visual experience.
Here are the steps that we took to create the series so far…

– Creative meetings about look and feel and settled on B&W look with heavy text texture.

– Mike (graphic design) worked with Regime Design and we settled on heavy black look for bulletin with splash of blue throughout. Mike also took the photo’s for Scott’s story and Meghan’s story. He’s a stud. Dave B. shot video for backup (also a stud) and am really thinking about the possibility of using his shots for the DVD menu to change things up a bit.

– Decided on the three stories to tell. People agreed. Asked them to write their stories

– Asked Jon Acuff to edit stories and asked him to create a theme of the three stories that worked with our title. He edited them great and came up with these three statements –
“My story about my Heart starts with my Head” – Chris’s story
“My story about life starts with Death” – Meghan’s story.
“My story about being a son starts with being a dad” Scott’s Story

– we needed to decide on locations for these three shoots and use the locations as a center theme throughout based on their stories.

– Set-up photo shoots for all three people. Scott was first, then Chris, then Meghan. (This was over three weeks time). Just finished Meghan’s on friday.

– Set-up voice overs for these very REAL people to read their edited stories.

– For the initial soundtrack I choose a “Human Emotion” piece from Bluefuse music. For the stories we recorded the music from one of our worship services, remixed it and took out the vocals. (“Lead me to the Cross” was the song).
– I designed the series Promo and the title package for both screens in After Effects and it really started the series off great.

I will continue with more information on each part later… but this leads us to Part 1.

Love to hear your thoughts or any questions.


9 thoughts on ““It’s Personal” Part 1 Title Package (Video Confessional)

  1. I am loving this series. The latest message at the Alpharetta campus (Chris’ Story) had a lot in common with the message Rob Bell shared at his recent Atlanta appearance, and I’ve never heard the basic story of the Good News like that, but I imagine it’s quite effective. Incredible!

    I’d love to know how you made the three screens in the East auditorium work. Is there some fancy video mixer that allows you to take a single image and split it that way, or did you do it the hard way, by trial and error creating three separate images? (or was it video, I can’t remember if there were moving elements)

    Anyway, awesome job, it was a very incredible visual experience.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Brad. It is so awesome to catch a glimpse into the creative process of you and your team. I really enjoyed watching the title package play at Buckhead this past Sunday with the center screen serving to add that extra touch–really caught me by surprise and kept my eyes engaged. I also found the color scheme very elegant and soothing; it definitely suggests an intimacy that keeps with the theme of “personal”.

    Looking forward to seeing how the story pieces play out from week to week (we’re still 1 week behind down here). Please continue to fill us in on how you guys make the media magic happen at North Point–I know I’m not the only one who finds your process extraordinarily valuable for learning. Thanks for using your blog to resource other creatives in such a generous way.

  3. Hey. I’m new to your blog and I have a ton of questions. I work at a very small church and I am the graphics person, the service programmer, the video maker…everything. We struggle with making intro videos, and your videos are so simple yet really effective. Do you out-source them? What programs are used to put them together?

  4. lovedaleca – First of all, I will say you are my hero. Anybody in your position and in charge of all things creative BY YOURSELF have a special place in heaven. MOST pastors have no idea how much time it takes to create just the simplest title package – promo, print piece etc… I applaude you!
    Second, yes we do contract things out on occassion including print and motion graphics. We use the Final Cut Studio from Apple although the majority of us use After Effects instead of Motion. Then obviously the CS3 suite for design. Feel free to contact me at brad.bretz@northpoint.org for any questions. Hang in there!!

  5. thanks Chris and Brent & Joe. I will continue on with these little tidbits of info about how we do things. Thanks for the kind words. Brent (inWorship), love your last post!!

  6. Hey Daniel –
    We use a “spider” system that takes the video information and splits it up to the three screens. These screens do not show separate images unless the videos we create are designed that way. Micah, our production director, gives me the dimensions to the screens and we make a template in after effects for anything we create that requires design elements fitting into anyone of those screens. If it is a jumpback or a organic video, then we just spread the image over the template. The two image mag screens are totally independent of the center screen.

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