11/4/07 TenBefore for North Point (Video Confessional – Sorta)

So I figured I would post North Point’s version of the TenBefore. (Ragamuffin has Buckhead’s version) and go through a little bit of the why and the outline. Someday Browns Bridge Peeps might play in our reindeer games. 🙂

The TenBefore concept was two-fold. One, to take “announcements” out of the service and present them in a unique and engaging way and two, break down some walls for the first time church attender. We have learned a ton in the past year and half that we have been doing it and now that all three campuses are involved, it will only get better with collaboration.

For the first year it only showed on North Point’s campus, now it is showing on all three and yes, scheduling can be a nightmare especially when three campuses are doing three different message series. That’s when you see the media guys curl up into little balls with our thumbs in our mouths.

Each campus (Buckhead, North Point, Browns Bridge) gets their own each week. All the host segments are very similar with the exception of a couple places. Kelly does three different intro’s for each campus and the rest of the pieces are the same although graphics have to change for the “information pieces”.

Here is a look at the structure:
– Kelly Welcome & Mission Statement.
– Kelly kicks to what’s coming up (go to promo’s)
– PROMO’s (Having these in the middle allows us to add or change things on the fly. We learned that the hard way.)
– Back to Kelly to promote series or upcoming event.
– Kelly ends
– Service Begins.

Normally each TenBefore runs for two weeks with slightly different info added or subtracted.
Also, each campus can throw in a video in the promo section if they want too. (See Buckhead’s version and their promo for Jeff’s new series “Illusion”.

We are taking the month of December off for the TenBefore and instead doing pre-service Christmas music as people walk-in. It is always a nice rest.

Again, we are learning each time we do these and still have a ways to go but we keep pushing to try to get better.
This is a big part of my world so I thought I would talk about it a little.

Love to know your thoughts.


(also, I am no web programmer and would love to know how to embed these into my template from wordpress).

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11 thoughts on “11/4/07 TenBefore for North Point (Video Confessional – Sorta)

  1. Hey Brad,

    I find the TenBefore especially engaging at Buckhead Church. Because we know that our messages typically play a week behind North Point’s, it helps to have a Buckhead-specific video prep to solidify in our minds our identity as a “real church” and not just as a “satellite campus”. It’s one of many aspects of the model that keeps us feeling personally attended to in spite of the notion that our message is usually at the mercy of a projector. Ultimately I think it is a terrific concept that ties the three campuses together in an engaging way, while helping the services themselves to feel a lot less cluttered. I love it.

    I’m not a WordPress guy but there seems to be a pretty good plug-in for embedding Quicktime clips for people who are:


  2. I’m glad you like it Joe and your right – having Kelly speak to the Buckhead audience specifically really makes a difference. Thanks for the heads up on the plug-in embed. I will give it a shot.

  3. I love…love…love these.

    I really like the concept of the “host”. it really makes it accessible and easy to watch. It captures you.

    Question…what does 10b4 mean? Cause it doesn’t seem that the videos are 10 minutes long. Just curious, maybe I am missing something.

  4. Brad,
    I was introduced to the Ten Before at Andy’s keynote for the WFX conference. We are working on starting a similar project for our church. Any “lessons learned” would be appreciated. Keep up the good work!

  5. Brad,
    We started a 5B4 segment some time ago as a creative way to convey announcements before worship. Our folks have a tendency to drift in very late and as a result, maybe 15 people were watching the video. The segment was very well produced but it just didn’t catch on. Our crowd would rather see info in the bulletin. Makes me sad.

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