Christmas Service Project

From November to December, the campuses of North Point, Browns Bridge, and Buckhead are challenging attenders to get involved with specific charities in their community.

This is the promo.



7 thoughts on “Christmas Service Project

  1. More nice work!

    Have you ever thought of doing video confessionals? Like take the final product and then show the steps in getting there – the original intent of the piece, the inspiration, where the music and different parts came from. That could be helpful for lots of folks, I’m thinking!

  2. I am somewhat new to the blogging world so no I haven’t. I know Ragamuffin (see Buckhead Staff Blogroll) has done a bunch regarding worship services and such. It’s a great idea. Thanks Chris. I need to take things one step at a time.

  3. Thanks Trey. Yes it was done in After Effects. The print was done by Jeff Gribble. He separated the layers (which we ask often of outside graphic designers) and we took it into After Effects and used the 3-d camera to slowly move in on the piece meanwhile the text and particles (using particular from Trapcode) moved out in 3-d. The particles are a mix of the white glow spheres from inside particular to also using the leaves from the design and turning those into particles. Let me know if you have any other questions. Chris (comment #1) says I should do a video confessional for some of these projects. What do you think?

  4. nice work man. you may not even remember me but my wife and i swung by your house earlier in the year dropping stuff off for the DASH dvd. i found your blog through trey taylor’s. i didn’t even know you blogged. or twittered for that matter. its even crazier that i’m from the same hometown as trey and went to school with his brother.

    crazy small world i say.

  5. I really loved this promo when I saw it play at Buckhead. It has a really elegant and smooth look to it, and it somehow comes off feeling quite intricate and colorful even though it’s so simple. I dig the leaves/particles. Very pretty and effective.

    And I agree with Chris, I would love to see a breakdown of your creative process sometime. The most valuable learning resource for me has always been the opportunity to catch a glimpse into others’ workflows!

  6. Thanks for details man… yea I think the video confessional on certain projects would be huge. I know that’d be a big undertaking, but it would be a big help for so many people. Also, do you have one of the 10b4’s on the web anywhere that I could get out… the stills look amazing.

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