“It’s Personal” Part 3 (Meghan Coffee)

Oh my word this series has been more powerful than we could have ever imagined.
Andy has done an amazing job walking those who are “thinking” about taking that next step towards a relationship with Christ and pushing them to KNOW God before they UNDERSTAND God.

This particular title package is the story of Meghan Coffee. I don’t want to ruin anything but this girl has got a story. I loved meeting her and was so impressed by her attitude and flexibility with what we were asking her to do.


Here is a little bit of the VIDEO Confessional:

Jon Acuff again took and edited all three stories and continued the theme for “It’s Personal”. Meghan turned in her story and it was amazing. Her writing style was so unique and I thought Jon did a great job of keeping her authenticity.

We brought Meghan in to do her voice over the same day we did the photo shoot at the graveyard. Before she left we had her write her WHOLE story down on white paper with the paper turned landscape to better represent the 16×9 screen it was going to play on. Everything you see on this video is her handwriting and her voice.

Meghan’s story got pushed up a week because of the timing of both – when we wanted to play a Sarah Groves song and her availability to play it. That put us in a little bit of a bind. Mike (from Media) took this one and OWNED it. Mike shot all the pictures at the graveyard and Dave B. (from Media) shot live footage for backup. Mike then continued to do all the motion graphics.

Mike surprised all of us when he took all the photo’s – put them in iPhoto and printed out a contact sheet. He then cut all the pictures up and made a storyboard before he ever got into After Effects. We were able to go over all the pictures together, move things around, dialogue and then make final decisions. (Storyboards are great on white paper after you draw them, but to put them on a nice black canvas, cut the images/sketches out and move things around, it allows for a whole lot of decision making to happen before you even start shooting or editing. I am sure most everybody does this, but I think churches (not all) tend to skip over a lot of this process for multiple reasons and it usually has to do with time. Funny thing is, in our experience, time is saved when this process is applied.)

One of the best decisions we made was to actually add color to a couple of the pictures. It was just the right touch that separated this piece from the first, while still keeping the overall look. You’ll see why we did it.
I thought originally we were going to use a different song for this piece than Chris’s but the music is so good we decided to keep it for all three stories (Lead me to the Cross – Hillsong). Again, we played this song live one Sunday morning and Dustin (from media)remixed it and took the lead vocals out.

I am sure I forgot something so please feel free to ask any questions. Media guys, if I forgot something, feel free to comment.

Here is the final that we showed. CLICK HERE

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7 thoughts on ““It’s Personal” Part 3 (Meghan Coffee)

  1. This video is so extremely powerful. I am sitting here in tears. I know the joy she has experienced. I know the God she now knows and I am so happy for her and others who will come to know this same God.

    Thanks to you and your team for allowing us to know and hear Meghan in an amazing way!

    Besides, she has the coolest last name ever…

  2. Brad,
    These videos are amazing, this one was delivered so well. I just want to thank you for posting these things on here. I stumbled across your blog after stumbling across Carlos’s. I read both of yours daily. Great stuff and hits home usually with working in the media and production departing at Port City Community Church in Wilmington, NC myself. So to sum up, thanks and if you get the chance, tell Megan her story made me shed some tears. Thanks brad and your team.


  3. Thanks for posting the video. I saw it at Northpoint, but only recall the audio. I must have been reading along with her words on the main screen than viewing the pictures to the side. Everyone was right, this was an incredibly powerful series.

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