Ten Things I learned from Matchbox 20, Alanis, and Mutemath

10. Good singers are good singers. Rob Tomas and Alanis are freaking good singers.

9. Anything can happen live anywhere!! (Video screens not working, people rushing the stage). Things Happen!

8. Even at the best concerts, people start milling or walking out when there is a lull. Think of the people that start to walk out of your church as the closing song begins. (For North Point and campuses – people like to get to their cars early) It happened to all three of the bands.

7. If you use video screens for your backdrop of your service….

– USE SOLID COLORS and change them up. Very powerful with lights.

6. If you use video screens for your backdrop of your service….

– Incorporate Black. so the screens don’t get diluted with something ALWAYS showing. Black (nothing on the screens) is a very POWERFUL tool so you can make a punch when you want EVERYTHING in – (say on a Chorus).

5. People do not like to stand behind me in a concert.

4. Bison Burger is GOOD.

3. Image Mag is a GOOD THING.

2. White spandex does not work on ANYBODY! Even from 100 yards out!

1. No matter how great your musicians are – if they are going through the funnel of a BAD AUDIO MIX then they sound mediocre, bland and boring. Mutemath and Alanis’s band were short changed because of HORRIBLE mixes. Brutal. It’s good Alanis had some hits that we could hold onto. She was amazing. Matchbox 20 sounded incredible!

Three campus SPD Directors (Service Programming Department)
Carlos SPD Buckhead – Julie (my boss) SPD North Point – Tyler SPD Browns Bridge.

Buckhead crew chillin’

Stage with screens that never opened up and revealed the screen behind it.

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7 thoughts on “Ten Things I learned from Matchbox 20, Alanis, and Mutemath

  1. If you like LED/Video Screens, you should try to check the Fray out sometime. Last I saw them, they had some amazing visuals utilising LED boxes that hung in various places on the stage as well as a back LED screen. It was phenomenal.

    For shame Mute Math had a bad mix, one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen, and also so visually stimulating.

  2. Soooo wish I could’ve driven up to ATL for this one (or down to Tampa). I love Mute Math. A pity they had a bad mix though… so maybe it was good I didn’t go. 🙂

    When they were headlining with Eisley they sounded great at The Tabernacle (which is when I caught them last and the last time I was in Atlanta). I would definitely catch another show there again. I loved that venue.

  3. MuteMath kicks butt I wish they had better sound that is so unfortunate. Maybe they will get better as the tour goes on?
    I wanted everyone at the concerts to walk away fans!!
    We get to see the show in Vancouver March 9th 🙂
    Can’t wait. I’m going for MuteMath & Alanis in that order.
    We probably will leave when MB20 comes out we are there for the openers.

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