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NFL Begins

Posted by Brad on September 13, 2009

I love the fall.

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Starting this thing up again

Posted by Brad on September 11, 2009

So I figured I need to kick start my blog again but instead of focusing on media, I would just simply focus on life. Just thought you should know.

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Posted by Brad on April 8, 2009

Ok – so if your looking for info from here on out for anything North Point media related – I am excited to share that we have a new blog!!!
Inside North Point is a new resource for those that want insight and frequently asked questions to what we do at North Point in our environments. The media page will be an active blog being updated by different members of the media team. Graphic design, motion graphics, TenBefore, North Point TV, every person on the team will be contributing and discussing what we do. There are bio’s of the team and additional resources coming soon! Please add this new site to your reader and join in the conversation.

Please note from here on out – this Motionhouse blog will not have many more updates about what is going on with North Point Media. Maybe some random things about Jake and Jillian though. Thanks for hanging with me!

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Announcing “North Point TV with Andy Stanley”

Posted by Brad on March 31, 2009

The media team at North Point combined with web and resources guru’s have been working really hard for the last 4 months branding, editing, and evaluating this new venture into TV. North Point TV with Andy Stanley will launch April 5th on FamilyNet. We are almost finished with the first 9 episodes. Please let us know what you think!

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Pixar University – Randy Nelson

Posted by Brad on March 20, 2009

In just 8 minutes this guy has pushed me to re-evaluate how I look at a resumé. Tons of nuggets.

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3D Designs

Posted by Brad on March 20, 2009

3D design like any design is a style that is either embraced or it is shied away from. I think the latter for most is because many don’t have the capability to do it or know which tool set to use. I really believe that I would be ok if there was a 3D element in all the designs we create for North Point. Why? Because it’s dynamic. There is something No not every design NEEDS it but it seems like for years everybody has been using textures, blending modes, layers upon layers of blending modes, flat text, CLEAN layouts, etc. Why not 3D? I realize this is a very simplistic statement and a good design, even if it had 3D elements in it still needs to be well thought out, well layed out, and a talented artist thinking through the details.

So why can’t that be you.

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Title Package from Browns Bridge for “Release”

Posted by Brad on March 15, 2009

So Ryan Shove is the Video director up at Browns Bridge Community Church and had the challenge of creating a title package for a two part series. He gave us a call and said “remember those ink blots you guys filmed a while back? Can I get those from you?” I then got an email the next day with what he did. Way cool. Check out his other work here

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Posted by Brad on March 14, 2009

I like Digg. I like my google reader. But I have really grown to Alltop. Guy Kawasaki created this “Search Engine” for top blogs. I just like looking at the top 5 posts of some of the top blogs for different cataegories. Check it out.

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Here’s a little something to remember….

Posted by Brad on March 14, 2009

If you do not have initiative – expect to be micromanaged.

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Posted by Brad on January 25, 2009

I would LOVE to know everybody’s thoughts on this. It can be a tension in the workplace.
How do you manage it? Is it an issue? What are the plus’s? The Minus’s?

read this article and let me know your thoughts?

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Courier Marketing

Posted by Brad on January 20, 2009

This is an AD for a courier service in Germany that says they are REALLY FAST!!!!
I believe them.

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Super Bowl Ads

Posted by Brad on January 19, 2009

Looking forward to it.

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for FUn

Posted by Brad on January 18, 2009

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WOW!!! “A Short Love Story in Stop Motion”

Posted by Brad on December 29, 2008

Matt from media showed me this wonderful little piece.
Who needs 3-D when you can just make the stuff!

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Posted by Brad on December 28, 2008

Cool Site.
Check it out…

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4 Month Render

Posted by Brad on November 30, 2008

ummmm I would just buy a porsche…

Porsche Speed from Daan Pol on Vimeo.

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SPEND A DAY with this VIDEO!!!!!!!

Posted by Brad on November 19, 2008

For those that lead, create, design, film, act, produce, direct, write, spend a day, MAYBE two with this video from these guys and then share it to those on your team!!

This is design gold. This is what every person that is any form of creative leadership needs to see.
Thanks to Joel for digging this baby up and passing it on to me.

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Just go ahead and put him on your reader!

Posted by Brad on October 19, 2008

Picture 5-2

North Point’s newest creative director for the web – Mr. John Saddington.
I hope to have many lunches with John – and Josh, and Russell, and whoever else will listen!

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Leadership Podcasts from Andy Stanley

Posted by Brad on October 7, 2008

Picture 4-6
In Case you didn’t know, in addition to North Point messages being on podcasts, Andy Stanley has a Leadership podcast.
Check it out.

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Giving a face lift to Spoken Word.

Posted by Brad on October 3, 2008



Has it really been over a month I posted something. Wow. Is anybody still out there?

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Been Busy

Posted by Brad on August 25, 2008

I know I haven’t posted in a while but things have been crazy busy. I am thinking about starting from scratch with my blog but need more time. The guys at North Point have been killing it. Some staff changes in the department has been challenging but I am excited about the year ahead. Hopefully I will post something soon but I just need to slow down.

379111290 9C3A80Cded

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Posted by Brad on August 12, 2008

He only had to go pee twice during practice. We’re working on it.
Notice the inside out ratatouille shirt he has on. Good times.

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Hard Knocks Cowboys Training Camp

Posted by Brad on August 9, 2008

Picture 3-3

For those of you like me without HBO but you would love to see “Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys” click on this link and check it out.
Episode Seven – Jason Garrett “You need to have swagger! What is Swagger? It”s confidence. If you don’t have that, then there’s the door.”
I love the NFL.

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Closed for Vacation.

Posted by Brad on August 1, 2008


Thanks to all who responded about my book requests.
I am taking three books with me to Hawaii.

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I am going to start with Strong Fathers, strong Daughters, and then the White Book (Beatles biography) then Kite Runner.
I am leaving laptop at home, twittering would be cruel for those following, and texting is out of the question.
See ya the 11th.

In the words of Danny Dukes (worship leader), I am gonna go love on my Bride!


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What Book for Vacation??

Posted by Brad on July 29, 2008

Jiyoung and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage next week by going to Hawaii. WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!

I wanted to ask all of you – if you could bring any book or books to read, what would it be?

Sky’s the limit. It could be design, leadership, fiction, non-fiction, parenting…. whichever.

Bring it!

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You have lived this!!!

Posted by Brad on July 26, 2008

If you are a designer, motion graphics artist, creative director, videographer, or somebody that writes or draws on a freakin’ piece of paper… you have lived this video out. Thank you ADS of the WORLD.

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To the park and back

Posted by Brad on July 26, 2008

Went to the park with the kids and Calvin. Kids had lots of energy. Calvin did not.



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First baseball game with Jake

Posted by Brad on July 26, 2008

So last Sunday I took Jake to his first Braves game. It was a big deal for both him and me.. We had to start our day off of course with the VARSITY. You have not been to a ball game unless you have eaten at the Varsity first. Then we sat on a ton of traffic because of all the road work inside the perimeter. BrUTAL. Then once we got to the game Jake’s eyes lit up and the size of the field, the size of the BIG SCREEN and the excitement in the crowd. We both had our gloves waiting for a fly ball in right field. To bad Braves lost bad 14-5. So as the Braves were getting crushed Jake got to do some batting cages and just be a kid. It couldn’t have been better (ok maybe a win would have been better).





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What have you been doing during the summer?

Posted by Brad on July 17, 2008

Ok, so yes I haven’t been blogging regularly and have been really trying to take the summer easy.
At work however, we have been quite busy working with so many different things. One of these things that gets SUPER busy during the summer is preparing for the new season of the TENBEFORE. (yes I said season). Kim, my new assistant, has made these gorgeous boards that help us make sense of THREE campuses and what happens Ten Minutes before the service starts. The guys have been working hard on updating the brand, making promo’s for upcoming series, writing commercials that lead people to specific ministries, and highlighting some of our worship leaders. After it runs on Sundays it then goes to the web in case people missed it.

We REALLY wanted to take announcements OUT of the service and keep that time to more of a welcome. It is still evolving and changing and by no means perfect. For us though, we want people to lean in and get engaged when it starts.

Click HERE and here for a sample of what we did in the spring.
Below is what is coming up with the information we have. Don’t think for a second it doesn’t change.

Img 0507
Img 0508
Img 0510

Where do you put your announcements?

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My Ladies

Posted by Brad on July 4, 2008

Picture 4-2
Just thought I would post this. :)
Happy 4th.

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And so it begins….

Posted by Brad on June 26, 2008

So Jake signed up for football last Saturday and will start practices in August.
He has played soccer, basketball, and baseball. In each sport he just wants to tackle people.
Outside of me being concerned that Jake can’t get off the ground with all his pads on, I think he’ll have a good time.

For those that don’t know me well, I have deep roots in this sport and I hope my son enjoys it. Bring out the tums! Lord help me.

Img 0840 Img 0848
Img 0846 Img 0847
Img 0841

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Nike’s New Print Campaign “Nike HyperDunk”

Posted by Brad on June 26, 2008

Aintrightsprd Sprdnobueno
Sayhellosprd Flysprd
I love it.
I also love this Blog. WKStudio.

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Desktops from Smashing Magazine

Posted by Brad on June 17, 2008

Picture 5-1

Picture 6
Picture 7
LOVE these.
Love smashing magazine.

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Letters to the Next President

Posted by Brad on June 16, 2008

Picture 4

We are beginning a new series on June 29th at North Point and it promises to be one that generates a lot of questions. We wanted to get people involved no matter what political view point they had so, we created a website where people can write a letter to the next president no matter WHO it will be. You are not writing to a candidate but to the next president.

Don’t forget to check out the promo. It’s always fun to have Andy involved and we had a great time recreating the White House press room – IN ONE DAY!!!. North American Mission Board is right next door to North Point so we were able to get the flags. We rented the blue drape. Then Matt from the media team sketched out a fun version of the white house but with a little spin. Make sure you see it! Podium is courtesy of Alpharetta Baptist Church.

This series promises to be a good one and we are really excited about it. Stay tuned…

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Difficult is Worth Doing campaign

Posted by Brad on June 15, 2008

Picture 2-3

So the peeps over at Wieden & Kennedy Studio (if you have never heard of them, you have most likely seen their campaigns) are in charge of the new Honda campaign “Difficult is worth doing”. Pretty cool documentary on how difficult a day shooting sky divers could be. Talk about needing a perfect day! I watched the documentary and then watched the commercial. Great edits – great energy – the music ties it all together well.
Watch the documentary then watch the commercial. In your opinion, is diffficult worth doing? Yes or no

Picture 3-1

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Interesting Post. Why Tiered Broadband is a Wonderful Thing and ASIVS

Posted by Brad on June 13, 2008

Picture 1-3

You gotta love mark cuban! Read This.

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Final TenBefore until August

Posted by Brad on June 6, 2008

So I know I haven’t blogged a lot as of late. Things have been crazy and lots going on.
I wanted to post the last TenBefore of the season. We will take the summer off and then kick it back into gear on August 10th.
This gives the media guys time to work on the fall promo’s (because we all know, every ministry has an event at the end of summer, beginning of fall. You can view it here.

Picture 3-9
As we do the TenBefore we like to highlight different things and one of them is memorial day. The flag shot behind kelly came from the guys playing with a HD camera out in the parking lot and they got some great stuff that they were able to overcrank for some great slow-mo. Cheryl Collins created a great memorial day video.
Picture 4-5
Faith, Hope, and Luck is a series that they were doing at Buckhead and now completed. Incredible series.
Picture 5-4
Yeeeeaaaahhhh. This should be fun. This coming Sunday is Spanish Andy. We normally close down the West Auditorium during the 3rd hour (12:45) but now it will be used to reach out and minister to our spanish speaking friends. Julio has done an amazing job and the guys on production and media have been workin’ the translation!

Picture 6-4
Joe Wiggleston created this very cool highlight for Do.Justice, an event put on by Singles to make a difference in the community.
Brian Manley was the designer. I really like to work with creative people!

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New series finishing up with Clay Scroggins

Posted by Brad on May 28, 2008

Picture 7-2

This is a little late. See the promo.

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Memorial Day morning

Posted by Brad on May 26, 2008

Photo 236Photo 240
Photo 237Photo 238

Photo 239Photo 239-2

Man my kids are chipper this morning!
My beautiful wife let me sleep in on Saturday and she in today.
The kids are READY to go for the day and I am still trying to figure out how I made the coffee half asleep.
Today will be fun with the kids and then tonight Jiyoung and I are going to the Steve Miller and Joe Cocker concert. Should be fun!
What are you doing today?

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New Red Robin Opened

Posted by Brad on May 22, 2008

Img 0804
I love it when new restaurants open close to our house.
Especially those that serve red meat!!

Good times.

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