Bluefuse Music

One of the hardest and most important elements of ANY video is the soundtrack. It is CRITICAL and something that I am very anal about. About a year and a half ago I ran across the guys from Blue Fuse music. This is music that you WANT to listen too and the media guys from all campuses have WORN IT OUT. Their website is so easy to navigate through and listen to their whole library. You can hear and download songs via the web or they will send you the whole CD library for free and continue to send you more music as it comes in. Yes there is the typical corporate sounding stuff, drama stuff and a couple of other “interesting” CD’s, but if you listen to the “Undertones” section you will be SOLD.

If your interested in a year long deal, talk to Angelo at Blue Fuse and tell them Brad from North Point sent you. He will hook you up and even give you a deal (It’s either a year long license or individual drop prices). I am not making a dime off this, I just think their stuff rocks and want to make sure that anybody in media or creative arts that works in a church has the opportunity to have great tracks. If you have heard of any other library that would benefit everybody, please share.




If you are a Mat Kearney Fan…

…he has a song on iTunes that is showing up under the album “Nothing left to Lose”.
Weird thing is, I bought this album a while ago and the song didn’t come with it.
I guess he released it for the 2007 season of Grey’s Anatomy and it is now included if you buy the album.
It is a great song and worth the extra $.99.


Mat Kearney – Breathe In Breathe Out Video

Great Album – Sara Bareilles

I got this album originally because it was 6.99 on iTunes and after demo-ing some of these tracks bought it. This is a GREAT ALBUM. Matt Chamberlain plays drums on some of the tracks and its just crazy great sounding. I would love to use the soundtrack of this whole album together with some great videos. Sound is over %60 of the viewers experience. Music plays a huge role in that. You can get this on iTunes.