If you want to know a little bit about me then it is very simple, I love Jesus, my wife and my family. My life’s journey has lead to a lot of rocks being turned over to see what is on the other side. Professional football and music are a huge part of my past but most recently the last rock I messed with brought me to Atlanta, Georgia and North Point Community Church where I serve as creative director of the media department. I got so lucky when a beautiful girl named Jiyoung said yes to be my bride and together we have two kids – Jake (6) and Jillian (3).  Everybody in life is moving towards God or away from him. My goal is to continue to lead my family towards him. The Motion House.


10 thoughts on “About motionhouse

  1. Great analogy son – love reading all your thoughts, plans, and creations those being our grandchildren of course. With each generation what is viewed as important or life changing is so different. BUT I do remember both you and your brother in preschool and loving every minute. I could go on and on but will stop by writing that God’s hand was on our family each and every day. By the way, don’t forget we picked out that ‘beautiful girl’ or so the story goes! Love you

  2. Brad,
    Great Stuff man! I check in on your blog quite often, always something great! Currently I’m going to the Georgia Institute of Technology here in Atlanta. I am also the Technical Director for the youth group I use to be a member of, and assistant Technical Director for the main church (about 1200 members). Also, here at Tech, I am on the video staff for the Athletic Association (I make the videos for the Jumbo Screens at Football games etc.). Anyway, I know that God is calling me into this field in the future, I have a passion for it like nothing else. I get more joy out of running media for my church than when my videos play in front of 55,000 people. Anyway, I would love to talk with you, I have been searching for your email but no luck. If you find the time shoot me an email back. I would love to send you some of the videos I’ve made, as well as find out more about what all you do etc. Thank you!

  3. Brad,
    I’ve been lurking around here for a while now. I’m a Director of Children’s Ministry/Tech junkie at a church in Indiana. I’ve been to NPCC on several occasions for the Sundays at North Point events. We’re currently looking to revamp/adopt KidStuf at our church and have brought close to 70 people down to NPCC on different occasions. I will actually be back down there next weekend once again as we bring our last crew to S@NP and would love to talk to someone a bit more about the video production that happens at your church. I’ve been through S@NP so much lately that I about have it memorized, but I still come to facilitate discussion amongst our church members once the day is over. Would there be any way to pull you, or someone on your team, aside to pick your brains about about your video production/post-production workflows and techniques? I’m specifically interested in the usage of After Effects and Final Cut and the techniques used in each…not to mention finding out how far in advance you prepare/shoot your vignettes for the 10Before. Let me know if we could work something out with you or someone from your team… My email is Brook[dot]Sarver[at]gmail[dot]com (of course replace the brackets with the symbols). Thanks brother…


  4. Hi, My name is Kevin and I have been following the buckhead and northpoint production sites for a while now. I also try to keep up with the going to 11 blog and yours. My questions is about custom video content for worship. Who is making the videos for the songs like “Beautiful the Blood”? what software is being used, and would you be interested in releaseing them for same to smaller churches who are looking to add custom content like this to their service.

    Thanks so much for your time.


  5. It was good to meet you and your team at Unleash. I was excited to hear that Carolyn is connecting with you guys. Try and kidnap her while she is hanging with Carlos next month and show her around NP too.

  6. Hi, I added you on twitter (truitt25) and wanted to say hey. I’m just trying to connect with folks in church media world. I love the stuff you guys are cranking out at North Point.

  7. Hey Brad,
    Just wanted to touch base with you. I talked with you a few months back about getting a copy of the Christmas Story video intro for use in our two services. Is that still possible? David Belk

  8. Hello Brad,

    Just wanted to invite you and any of your readers to iDEA NATION. It is a community site dedicated to innovative and creative ideas in ministry. The idea is that the site will be a huge brainstorm between pastors, worship leaders, designers, and other believers to come up with new ways to reach the lost.
    Users can also ask questions and connect with other ministry leaders in the forums.

    I would love you and your users to come join our free community and start contributing your ideas.




  9. Hey Brad

    What a site! I’m going to have to check this place with all the stuff you have here. GREAT STUFF. I came upon your site when I was searching for the font for KidStuf Live. When I got here I forgot the hole reason of why I came to your site. Now I have add it to my favorites and will be ckeck it out some more. Hey you don’t know where I could get the font for kidStuf Live do you?
    Pastor Jeff Bradley

  10. Hi Brad,

    I attended the Worship Arts Conference in ’08. I was so inspired by the level of ministry at North Point Church.
    Can you tell me who creates the motion video promos that you use? (Specifically the “Valentine’s Day 09” promo.) We are interested in having something similar for an event we have scheduled at our church. Any info would be appreciated. Myron Davis

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