And so it begins….

So Jake signed up for football last Saturday and will start practices in August.
He has played soccer, basketball, and baseball. In each sport he just wants to tackle people.
Outside of me being concerned that Jake can’t get off the ground with all his pads on, I think he’ll have a good time.

For those that don’t know me well, I have deep roots in this sport and I hope my son enjoys it. Bring out the tums! Lord help me.

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Letters to the Next President

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We are beginning a new series on June 29th at North Point and it promises to be one that generates a lot of questions. We wanted to get people involved no matter what political view point they had so, we created a website where people can write a letter to the next president no matter WHO it will be. You are not writing to a candidate but to the next president.

Don’t forget to check out the promo. It’s always fun to have Andy involved and we had a great time recreating the White House press room – IN ONE DAY!!!. North American Mission Board is right next door to North Point so we were able to get the flags. We rented the blue drape. Then Matt from the media team sketched out a fun version of the white house but with a little spin. Make sure you see it! Podium is courtesy of Alpharetta Baptist Church.

This series promises to be a good one and we are really excited about it. Stay tuned…

Difficult is Worth Doing campaign

Picture 2-3

So the peeps over at Wieden & Kennedy Studio (if you have never heard of them, you have most likely seen their campaigns) are in charge of the new Honda campaign “Difficult is worth doing”. Pretty cool documentary on how difficult a day shooting sky divers could be. Talk about needing a perfect day! I watched the documentary and then watched the commercial. Great edits – great energy – the music ties it all together well.
Watch the documentary then watch the commercial. In your opinion, is diffficult worth doing? Yes or no

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Final TenBefore until August

So I know I haven’t blogged a lot as of late. Things have been crazy and lots going on.
I wanted to post the last TenBefore of the season. We will take the summer off and then kick it back into gear on August 10th.
This gives the media guys time to work on the fall promo’s (because we all know, every ministry has an event at the end of summer, beginning of fall. You can view it here.

Picture 3-9
As we do the TenBefore we like to highlight different things and one of them is memorial day. The flag shot behind kelly came from the guys playing with a HD camera out in the parking lot and they got some great stuff that they were able to overcrank for some great slow-mo. Cheryl Collins created a great memorial day video.
Picture 4-5
Faith, Hope, and Luck is a series that they were doing at Buckhead and now completed. Incredible series.
Picture 5-4
Yeeeeaaaahhhh. This should be fun. This coming Sunday is Spanish Andy. We normally close down the West Auditorium during the 3rd hour (12:45) but now it will be used to reach out and minister to our spanish speaking friends. Julio has done an amazing job and the guys on production and media have been workin’ the translation!

Picture 6-4
Joe Wiggleston created this very cool highlight for Do.Justice, an event put on by Singles to make a difference in the community.
Brian Manley was the designer. I really like to work with creative people!