New Series at North Point (Jeff Henderson Speaking)

Jeff Henderson (Campus Director at Buckhead Church) is speaking at North Point for two weeks. The media team has been challenged with doing something that in my mind is VERY difficult to do and be taken seriously unless done well – to shoot a period piece – Solomon himself. I really like the idea and we have an incredible actor to do a monologue. Jeff has done a wonderful job of setting us up early to figure things out and hash out some ideas.

This is the evite. (Mike from Media layed it out and we worked again with our friend Brian Manley.

Series starts this Sunday. It is gonna be REALLY good.

Www Evite Npcc
Brian Manley


2 thoughts on “New Series at North Point (Jeff Henderson Speaking)

  1. This series looks awesome–can’t wait to see the video elements you guys put together; I can only imagine the amount of production design necessary to pull off a quality period piece.

    It’s sad that you guys are taking Jeff from us for a couple weeks…but after all we’re getting Andy so I suppose we can’t complain! 😉

  2. Nice work! What an important message. I’ve always wondered what was up with Solomon losing it at the end. Even if we’re the wisest in the land, we still need God! I’m definitely going to listen to this series online. Thanks for sharing your work – you’re such an inspiration to so many people working in creative arts.

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