Little League Baseball… I understand why parents make the 11 o’clock news now.

First of all, I coach pretty much anything Jake has been involved with.
My rule of thumb as I learn how to coach these young age groups is to be an assistant, gather information, watch, learn, and then offer to be a head coach the following year putting my own spin on things. I did this with Soccer and currently baseball. This being Jake’s first year of baseball, I am an assistant coach.

The “Midway Meteors” went into a night game with a 2-0 record and my son Jake is still learning the basics of catching, hitting and even throwing. This being his first year, he is struggling a bit. Well tonight’s game was a nail biter. Seriously exciting, which leads me to my story.

Jakob in the past two games had yet to get on base. So tonight I was rooting for my son to just GET ON BASE. On his first at bat, he did – and it was glorious. Then at his third at bat – he hit a ball that went into the outfield and my boy took off RUNNING. When he got to second though, the kid playing second HELD Jake and wouldn’t let him go to third. On top of that, the game was so close that every run counted!
Oh my word, I ALMOST lost it.
I got into the 14 year old umpire’s ear and said “DID YOU SEE THE SECOND BASEMENT HOLD THE BASERUNNER!!!”
He either saw it or he did not want to give me an answer I didn’t want to hear so after the play was done, all the runners advanced to another base because of the actions of this 6 year old on second base that held my poor innocent son from advancing to his deserving base. I, was vindicated and my son got a triple that he REALLY did deserve.

This is what dreams are made of!



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