Today my Dad retires…

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March 31st, 2008 my dad is retiring from his job and begins an incredible, new stage of life. My mom will follow in a couple of months.

I will never forget when my dad came into my brother and I’s room at the age of 6 to tell us he had gotten fired from his then job. We asked why. He said “because daddy’s boss didn’t think he was giving 100%, and daddy’s boss was right.” That was thirty years ago. He got a new job soon after and he never left the place. That speaks volumes.

I wish I had a picture for everything that those thirty years represented to me. Here is a glimpse of the memories that dad provided:

– The one and only house I ever grew up in (San Jose, CA). Bought in 1970 for not so much money. He and mom still live there. Worth, well, a bunch of money.
– Atari
– A catchers uniform for Christmas when I wasn’t even in baseball.
– My first bike. (Rampar)
– My first football.
– My first football league.
– My first pair of drumsticks. Tons more over the years.
– An above ground swimming pool in the backyard (that was sunk in the dirt enough to only make it 2 feet above ground).
– My first Drumset (found in a pawn shop)(I had to pay half)
– My second drumset (electronic) (Again, I had to pay half.)
– Allowances
– Camping with the Boy Scouts.
– Summer camps at church.
– $20 on Sunday nights during high school (and yes sometimes college) to take my girlfriend out to dinner.
– My ’69 volkswagon bug (I had to fix it and keep it running)
– My Saturn SL (I had to pay half)
– 49er season tickets watching Joe Montana during the 80’s.
– College tuition
– My AAA card
– Our first Macintosh computer. I literally grew up on one. In the city where they built them.

In college mom would give my brother and I the gas card for a one time fill-up. She wouldn’t see it for a month. Then we heard the famous “mom!!! Get the gas card from the boys please!! We never thought he would notice the snacks that were charged.

When my brother and I played football together in college, there wasn’t an away game or home game they ever missed. That meant traveling all over California to see their boys in action. After the game, they would let us invite whoever to dinner. Home or away.

The first time I got to run out of the Dallas Cowboys locker room and onto the field – my dad and mom were there. That wasn’t cheap.
He was also there in Germany with mom and Jiyoung (we were dating back then) to see two football games while I played with the Frankfurt Galaxy.

Flying out from California to Atlanta again, and again, and again. Then the kids were born. Again, and again, and again.

As I think back to this company, this job, the place that dad went to everyday as a salesman for the past thirty something years, I have great memories of what it had provided. I hope they have great memories as well.

And now, being a dad and a husband, I have great appreciation and respect for what he has done.

Congratulations dad. Happy retirement. You’re a gift.


16 thoughts on “Today my Dad retires…

  1. He said “because daddy’s boss didn’t think he was giving 100%, and daddy’s boss was right.”

    It takes a humble man to come to that conclusion. (AND tell his son!)

  2. What a great post.

    I was wondering where you were going with the list of stuff, until you tied it in at the end – it was his work that provided all that stuff. What a wonderful persepective.

    My dad’s retiring in a few months – I may steal your tribute idea . . .

  3. Man this is awesome. I actually haven’t met my own father (parents divorced when I was 1) so this kind of stuff really makes me appreciate the value & beauty of sonship. Huge congrats to your dad for a milestone accomplishment.

  4. Nice tribute… I need to go thank my Dad now. That kinda stuff you just take for granted sometimes. And to think my parents had to not only raise one of me but 2 at the same time being a twin, and an older bro. My parents have certainly shaped the man I’ve become and the work ethic I hold today.

  5. As a father of young kids I only hope I get a chance to leave a legacy behind like your father has done with your family. Congratulations to your dad. Of course, now it sounds like he has some full time grandfathering to do!

  6. Brad, you’ve accomplished what few people do…you brought me to tears this morning. My dad died 12 years ago and reading this once again reminded me of the amazing blessing i had…even if it was only for 25 of my now 37 years…Thanks for sharing that:)
    You’re a good son…a great one to recognize the power our father’s hold in our lives. 🙂

  7. What about BAND PRACTICE in the old LIVING ROOM?! Those were the days! (Back when McDLT’s and Togo’s were plentiful too.)

    Erv was (and still is) the coolest Dad in town. Always involved in his kids’ lives, in a good way, a great mentor and friend. I remember The Bretz’ home as a great place just to hang out.
    He was the first guy to own a Mac and deserves a nice check from Apple for all the early “converts” to the platform. (That’s right Steve, share the wealth!)

    Congrats to your folks on their retirement. Somehow, I don’t think they’ll be slowing down much though!


  8. Hey Brad!
    What a great way to pay honor to your Dad. He really is one of a kind and it’s really nice when the kids finally realize it!
    Kudos to you

  9. Hi Brad,
    Your Dad is very fortunate to have a son like you. I’m sure your Dad appreciates and loves your words. Your Dad and Mom are both great, loving people. We have been blessed to have them in our lives.
    I was fortunate to have you as a Q.B.
    Chuck & Sandy

  10. We join you in celebrating your Dad’s big step. And we have our eyes carefully trained on your mom to follow. Love to your family. Craig and Carol.

  11. We know from our perspective here, how very proud your Mom and Dad are of you and Jiyoung and your kids! Just try to keep them away from Atlanta! I can see the big Erv right now, crying into is Mac, knowing how much he means to you…..great job, Brad.

    Bob & Cindy

  12. WOW!!!!!
    I never would have imagined all of these posts. Thank you.
    My mom sent the link to her bible study and these past three comments are from family friends who absolutely adore my mom and dad and vice-versa. Coach Maraldo was the guy that gave me my shot at Quarterback for the very first time – MY SENIOR YEAR. I think we both never would have imagined what was in store with the NFL. Everybody thank you for your kind words. My dad is pretty special.

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