You hear it a lot from us guys and gals that work at North Point, Buckhead, and Browns Bridge (Los, Reid, Amber, Tyler, Shove, Elliott, Josh, Dave, Shae, Shane and others) that it is a blessing and an honor to work with such amazing people under incredible leadership. Good Friday and Easter Sunday were no exception.

All three campuses had a unique aspect to them.
All three campuses presented the same message packaged in a different way.

For North Point – we opened the whole service with the following 3 screen extravaganza:
(Click Here)
(As you watch the movie – the middle video represents our Center Screen HD and the upper right and left screens represent our IMAGE MAG screens. Things pick up at about 1:27. I couldn’t figure out how to get the white out of QuickTime so please ignore the bottom corners)

Picture 3-5

The whole opener was inspired by Max Lucado’s “No Wonder they Call Him Savior” and Eddie Kirkland had an idea in a creative meeting to focus on the words in a chapter that was dedicated to the Easter story. Mike (our graphic designer) came up with the printed look.

Then Reid (North Point Music guy) walks into my office and says “hey I have been working on something for the opener”.
I was off to the races in creating something that we prayed would begin a journey for the day.

Matt followed by blowing us all away with an incredible Title Package

Picture 4-4
… that again Reid cranked out a score for that was based on an original song Eddie Kirkland and Steve Fee wrote.

Ultimately I really feel like the service was a success not because of three or four videos and great worship but because lives were changed at the end of the service when Andy gave the invitation.

What a week and what a Sunday.
Happy Easter.


16 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Great work guys! Did you guys use some of the VideoCopilot plugins and packages? I’ve been playing around with some of them recently… Happy Easter man. Get some rest!

  2. Twitch and Sapphire were the main plugins I used. Some of the content we shot ourselves and some were from video copilot.
    Thanks Brook.

  3. Awesome stuff… wish I could have been there. If you can get hold of what Buckhead and Browns Bridge did as well, I’d love to see it!

  4. Brad-
    Your team rocked it this week. It was so powerful. I didn’t tell Alli about the opener and 7 words in she was crying great job media team!!!!

  5. Cool stuff. I love what you guys are doing at North Point.

    How would I go about getting a copy of the “I Am an Empty Chair” video that’s on the Buckhead site? I really want to use that at our church and it would be great if we didn’t have to recreate it.

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