Just in case you were wondering…

Picture 1-10

Stanford going all the way.
This is pure brilliance.
Pac 10 all the way!


4 thoughts on “Just in case you were wondering…

  1. I’m glad your giving the Pac10 its credit 🙂

    I agree that if Stanford and UCLA go and play each other, that Stanford is due. I do think USC will take down Georgetown though 🙂

    I’m an Oregon Duck dude, but I think you’ve got that one right. Their offense is incredible, but defense can’t hang…oh well.

  2. nice thought. but no way it’s happening. ucla all the way.

    if it’s not to much trouble could you shoot me the email address of your staff guy that set up the youtube page. i’ve been trying to get in touch with youtube to make a request but can’t find any contact number or email address that will let me at least make the request. any help would be appreciated. thanks!

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