Text Part 1 Title Package

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Click Here to see title package.
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So this series just leant itself to doing some crazy stuff with letters, words, etc..
Mike started it off strong with the promo for text and then I did this title package which could change for week 2 (probably just intro text). Matt finished it off with some sound effects and last minute changes. Team is always better then one.
I got more comments on the music I chose than anything else.
FYI – I am not sure I mentioned it but we used ADAM’s sister Anna Dukes for the design. She is in college and we are letting her run the gamet (?) for her portfolio. Resources, bulletin, etc.. She ran with the concept given to her and did great.

***Just a tip for those that design for video – think smaller fonts than you are used to. So often I see videos where the TEXT IS HUGE!!! Lower thirds are huge. Logo’s are HUGE. Find the font that works, and think about 6-10 points smaller than normal.


5 thoughts on “Text Part 1 Title Package

  1. Loved the natural timing to the typing 🙂 and the reflections add that much more to it. Although – personal opinion – I did feel the music was slightly out of place, only because I would not associate that style of music to texting people.

    Did you use Motion or After Effects to compose this Title package?

  2. I used after effects.
    All the text came from the designer in illustrator. Reworked text so it was native in After Effects which allowed me to move it HOWEVER I wanted too.

    Philip I understand where you are coming from but as I went through music and even sound design, nothing was inspiring me and everything sounded typical. I picked out the music for the promo (see TenBefore post) and even that music was a little uninspiring. To me, this music gives the series a little bit of a personality.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. I think the music is fine. I like the clean look this title has. Probably a dumb question as I can’t seem to think at all today, but how did you do the untwisting effect on the column of text when the books of the Bible list first dissolves in?

  4. I love the simplicity of this idea. I too especially liked how the letters swirled off the screen – great effect! AE is so much fun to work in, and I always love seeing other people’s work. It can inspire so many ideas…


  5. Daniel –
    When After Effects released CS3 it allowed it’s text animations to use 3D space. For that move I started with a preset in After Effects for a text transition and tweaked it a little.
    Glad you liked it.

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