TenBefore January #2 – Video Confessional

This is the second Ten Before for the year and I really think we are off to a great start. We ran this last week as well and before that we had the week off (ice- that didn’t happen) and it was a HUGE blessing to get caught up on so much.
To see the latest version – Click HERE.
Here is the rundown:

Picture 2-3
WAUMBA LAND – Kelly is doing a great job as always and Sunny Williams is rockin and rollin as the producer of Kelly’s segments. She deserves a medal for keeping up with three campuses schedules. We decided at the beginning of the year that we were not going to wait for promo requests to highlight a certain ministry, especially those that are going on during Sunday morning. In the beginning of January we talked about “Next”, now we are talking about “Waumba Land”. For us it gives the first time person or 5 time attender information about what is available. In the coming months, we will continue this as we go up in age.
Picture 3-2
GLOBAL X – Since August, I have made it my mission to focus on ONE concept to promote throughout the year for each ministry. We can change the story and execution each time but let’s get a concept and run with it. (concept – story – execution). For missions, our concept was to interview both sides of the benefits of going on a short terms trip. The person that went, and the person from the country who received the help. We would ask them the same 5 questions and cut between them. For this first stab, we ended up showing just the person that went. We got footage from our friends in the Philippines however we couldn’t get it to work in the short time we had. Dave did some great editing and Matt handled graphics. I really want to see if the two person concept will work. We’ll see.

Picture 4-2
MARRIEDLIFE – I LOVE this concept. I think this campaign is going to grow for MarriedLife. I really want to now if you all get it.
There is always this tension between promoting an event and showing footage from it (which is like taking a picture of Rome and telling everybody how great it is – it’s just not the same) or creating a buzz about the event or even the ministry. So for MarriedLife, we decided to promote the ministry and then tag it at the end with the EVENT info. The concept of the ministry promo being “Every marriage deserves more.”
Picture 5
This is the promo for “Text” we first promoted this last week. Mike bailed me out on this. I told Mike on a Thursday I needed help with the promo and what I envisioned for it. He killed it and read my mind. ESPECIALLY for getting it done on a Friday in 5 hours.
Picture 6
One of the great things about the TenBefore is that we can use Kelly to highlight any ministry and like Waumba land we are really trying to be intentional about Starting Point twice a month. We really think this is a great place for people to take that next step to a relationship with Christ.

Love to know your thoughts…

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6 thoughts on “TenBefore January #2 – Video Confessional

  1. Brad,

    Great work as always. The Married Life Live promo reminds me a lot of the “Wind” concept from that Epuron commercial in the way that the abstract is personified & interviewed, wearing a black hat, etc. My hunch is that most people would be intrigued by it and appreciate the out-of-the-box creativity behind the idea. It’s rare for a church promo to be this concept-driven and I think it’ll cause people to do a double take. Awesome stuff!

  2. Hey Mark – Welcome….
    We use After Effect and Keylight. I have heard of other keys that do a good job but have never used them. To get a great Key it all starts with lighting.

    Joe – it was inspired by “wind” without the freakiness of the actor and also without too much interaction of the character. This promo got reviews from people who GOT IT. But there were those that didn’t.

  3. I’m assuming Keylight is better than built-in keys, but can you compare it to FCP Chroma keyer?

    I agree that lighting is very important. I remember seeing a post about your lighting setup, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. Can you direct me to that post, or did you delete it?

    Thanks for the info!

  4. brad.. i didn’t get it. i know you guys and love your work, so this is not meant to be critical. perhaps it’s that i was too distracted during the 10B4 to really pay attention too it.. perhaps it’s that i think MLL needs a facelift…

    either way, i wasn’t the only one who didn’t get it. i heard quite a few people asking what did it mean.. what was it all about.. etc.

    peace, bro!

  5. Hey Timmy!
    Yeah my wife everyday tell me “three people at my work didn;t get the MarriedLife spot”. We are making some adjustments this week to run at North Point. People are either getting or missing it and we are hearing more from the not getting it people. Which means, we need to fix it and make things a little bit more obvious. I LOVE this campaign however. I really like making MARRIAGE a person. Thanks Tim for the feedback.

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