Sometimes you just want to quit. Or marvel at what can be done.
Imagination, talent, time, experience, execution. Click Here
(Dave from Media threw this my way).
Any other words you would add?


The production process form La Huella’s Jerome Debeve:

“Camera angles / velocity and focal length were worked out in 3D, so we had all the needed information for the shooting.

Actors were shot from below using a specially constructed structure of several hi-density glass panels. These panels were mounted on a metallic armature 3 meters tall and 10 meters wide, forming a bridge so the motorized travelling rig could move freely and repeat the moves as needed.

A green screen was suspended above the set. The wide shots are all CG, and the close ones a mix between greenscreen elements and CGI.

The team at La Huella spent 6 weeks in total on this production, that won quite a few awards in Spain and outside.”

(special thanks to Justin Cone at motionographer).

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8 thoughts on ““Transparente”

  1. Time…is so precious. Obviously great work can be done in a short amount of time, but you said it best, “Imagination, talent, time, experience, execution.” I am surprised they got it done in 6 weeks. Heck, they probably thought they were pressed for time. Of course, you know that amazing things can be done…even in a week 🙂

  2. I already knew about that comercial because i’m art director in an advertising agency in Barcelona and also becasue the city is Madrid. The comercial talks about how good is using the subway in Madrid, and it really is. Don’t forget that i’m from Barcelona and FC Barcelona and Real Madrid (soccer teams) we’re archirivals. 😉

    PS: Madrid is not as cool as you can see there, if you want to visit a cool place you guys must come to Barcelona. 😉

  3. Holy crap, that was amazingly cool. I’m late on this one. I’ve been saving it for when I could sit down to watch and I’m glad I finally got the chance to. Totally amazing and beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.

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