Where do you find your Fonts?


Let’s help each other out. What is your favorite resource to find cool fonts?
Two of mine, Dafont.com and Abstractfonts.com. I am sure that most of you have heard of it but it really is a great place to get some quick ideas for something different. Share the love everybody. Also a quick tip. Always have Ten fonts ready to go when you need them that you KNOW will work in a pinch. In church world and most other places, we are always being asked “can you create this quick video for me” or “please don’t spend a lot of time on this”. For just those times we often default to Lucinda Grande in Final Cut (please just dump that font) or Times. Find Ten Fonts that you love and have them in your back pocket.

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8 thoughts on “Where do you find your Fonts?

  1. Brent, I love the typenow site although I am worried that we just gave designers ammo to create more cheezy t-shirts that copy starbucks or something. Lord help us. Great site though for the quick mock design. I absolutely LOVE ourtype.be.
    Brian, thanks for fonthaus. Very cool stuff.
    Thanks guys for the links… keep them coming.

  2. ohhh, this is one of my favorite subjects. i am such a font geek. i get fonts all over the place, usually i don’t bookmark sites though, cause it forces me to find new places to hunt every time. recently though, i have stumbled onto smashing magazine. love love love this site. anyway, they have a whole page dedicated to fonts…. there’s some really good ones in there, a lot of them are free, and best of all – you don’t have to sift through a whole bunch of losers to find “the one”….


    i’d be interested to know what everyone’s 10 standby fonts are. i think you should officially ask that question next.

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